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AWS re:Invent: Voice Recognition For Call Centres And Voice Print Among Others


As the pandemic lingers, the digital economy continues to experience steady growth that requires further development to ensure aptness. Most tech companies are already adjusting to the new phase whereas installing new tools to their platforms with the intent to attain a level of required efficiency.

Meanwhile, Amazon also understands the need for the adjustment, especially for its cloud services. On Tuesday they revealed voice recognition as its new tool to boosts the efficiency of a business call-centre service.

Andy Jassy is Amazon Web Services’ CEO. He represented his company at the Amazon annual re-invent conference where he revealed the voice recognition tool dubbed ‘Amazon Connect Voice ID’. He said the tool is calibrated with machine learning software which authenticates customers seeking to access call centres.

Jassy said the Amazon Web Services developed the voice recognition tool expressly for call centres which usually seeks answers for its customer as a service. The modified version of the customer service agent is liable to save customer time on calls.

The Amazon executive said that the tools are not limited to its platforms, whereas other company that uses its tool will experience accessing automatic voice print authentication. He also noted that the tool could serve as a manual confirmation of a regular account.

The machine learning tool is also attached to its customer’s services, that assist customer-care agents in seeking out answers to queries instantaneously, and it also allows customers to customize the service provided by an enterprise.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, roughly 5,000 customers continuously sought its Amazon Connect to enable their call centres to function with ease. For instance, the UK-based supermarket, Morrisons is the top beneficiary of this service. However, Jassy noted that to embrace change and to reveal the full potential of their platforms, it is essential for AWS, and other call centres to adopt its new tools.

 Overtime, the various police units in the United States have been using Amazon facial recognition software, until June in 2020, the multinational tech company suspend the law enforcement agency from using its software which has further attracted criticism from civil rights activist. However, in the field of biometric applications, voice verification software is the latest to be developed by the cloud computing company.

During the ongoing AWS re:Invent, they revealed other of its technologies alongside its  Amazon Connect Voice ID, but they are not related to its latest biometric software such as Trainium or the voiceprint software.

The Trainium chip is devised to utilize the full potential of trains and its machine learning algorithm that is powered by the NVIDIA Corp (a tech company that concocts chips). Tranium, the train chip is quite a counterpart to its initial computing chip dubbed ‘Inferentia’ that is devised for Alexa, its voice assistant platform that further analyzes incoming data.

The multinational tech company also revealed another tool that serves as a predictive continuance, monitoring its system. Jassy said it is a computer processor version for an instant camera that functions in any given sector such as construction, retailing etc.

 For instance, its predictive system serves as a corrective tool that enables AWS suggests an accurate answer to jargon-filled queries.

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