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Best Type C Wall Charger For Phone, MacBook And More


In this post, I am going to tell you about the Best Apple Type C Charger for Phone, MacBook and More. The product name is TATTU 45W USB Type C wall Charger and it comes with power capacity of 45W. The best thing about the charger is its fast charging speed as it comes with high-speed reversible type C output. The charger comes with latest Type C USB Connector which is reversible and carry more current at blazing fast speed. Price of the charger is at deal 17.99$ which is very cheap. Following are the features of the Tattu Charger:

  • Large 45 W Power: The charger comes with Type – C and Output power up to 45W.
  • Compatibility: The device is compatible with almost all USB-C enabled devices.
  • Best Design: The devices comes with Reversible Type C Plug that offers simple charging. It also features soft Led light for the indication of the charger when it is plugged in.
  • Portable: The charger is portable and perfect for your travel days. It has a very compact design and comes with foldable plug. The voltage range is also ideal for travelling worldwide.
  • Safety Protection: The charger has lots of safety features that work together to provide maximum protection. Body of the charger is made up of heat resistant durable material that protects it from overheating and overcharging damage.
  • Warranty: Company Offers Fan favorite 24 months warranty with friendly customer services. 


  • AC Input: AC100V-240V 50/60Hz
  • Output: DC5V, 3.0A / 9V, 3.0A / 15V(14.5V), 3.0A / 20V, 2.25A (it also works with Qualcomm Quick Charge3.0 device)
  • Input plug: Foldable 2pin U.S plug 
  • Continuous Output Power: Up to 45W
  • Dimension: 66.4mm * 55.5mm * 28mm
  • Color: Black

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Pros of the Charger:

There are lots of positive about the charger such as Fast charging speed, Type C Reversible Port that carry more current compare to other charger. The charger doesn’t get hot since it is made up of matt plastic shell. Other than these it is made so that you can use single charger for Apple, Android and other devices.

Cons of the Charger:

I don’t think any negative about the device apart from the fact that the Box doesn’t contains USB C Cable so you need yours. And second negative point is single output port so you can only charge single device at a time.

Why to Buy:

In modern days, Phone with Portable Charger is a perfect and necessary combination. Most of the chargers available in the market are compatible with less number of devices but Tattu Type – C Wall charger is compatible with lots of devices like Apple, Google Pixel, Moto, Dell, Lenovo and many more. So, you don’t need to buy separate charger for each device. Second is large power capacity of 45 W and fast charging time. And finally, for me the best thing is its foldable plug which makes it super portable and you can easily carry it wherever you travel in the world.

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