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Guest Post: Best Password Managers Of 2017


Are you sick and tired of remembering long or complex passwords of each of your online account? Are you in a search for the best way to make this easy for you? You are in luck because with this article you will surely find the best way to keep your password always remember.

Maybe most of you think that there is only one way always to remember all your passwords is to use the one password or two passwords for each of your online accounts. But, this is one of the bad ideas that you ever had in your life. Because there are numerous of hackers, who are always looking for the way to crack the passwords and hack the account which is using the same password for all the online account that user has.

However, remembering all the unique and complex passwords for your different online accounts like social media accounts or Gmail account at a time is hard. And, nowadays there are the amount of websites and programs that need that use of ID and passwords so for different sites you may have set different passwords and remember them all is difficult. But one thing that makes it more difficult is that the demand for the various sites varies greatly, some of them require password with minimum length while other may contain numbers, symbols, upper or lower case letters in the password.

This is where one solution that comes in forth that is “Password Managers.” Password Managers are for everyone, and it makes you less vulnerable online by building strong and random passwords, and it helps to sync them across the browsers and other devices so you can use access passwords everywhere with ease. Let’s dive into the article.

#Best Password Managers of 2017

  1. LastPass


LastPass has the widest platform support for any password manager. This Password Manager takes first place in this list because this is one of the most favorite tools because of its functionality that it offers to its users. It provides functions for free that you only find in the premium version. However, with this premium plan, you can get more from this tool. With the free version, it is also available in the premium version in which it offers advanced features.


  • This tool uses AES-256 bit encryption for your password security.
  • It also uses salted hashing and PBKDF2 SHA-256 that also helps encrypt your password.
  • It offers password generator that helps you generate a stronger password.
  • You can sync and use this password manager across different devices all for free.
  • It helps protect account with two-factor authentication.
  • It supports platforms like Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android.
  • It even supports browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Price: Free & premium

  1. Sticky Password


Sticky Password always there for you to secure your personal data. This password manager is user-friendly, and it maintains the specific strong layout, so no matter what device that you are using. Unlike other older interfaces, this password manager has a clean design, easy to read and always concentrate on particular sites which you often use. With the ease of use features, this tool offers you some best functions in both its version free and premium.


  • This password manager supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
  • It includes auto form fill features that makes your task hassle free.
  • It supports credit card storage and password generating tool for you to generate random password for your online account.
  • Like LastPass this password manager also can sync across more than just one devices.
  • It lets you backup data into the cloud that you can eliminate at any time if you are in the worry from the security side.
  • It also supports biometric log in for the master password sectors that is welcome function for any of the password manager.

Price: Free & Premium

  1. Keeper Security


Are you looking for any reliable security and don’t mind to have more hands-on with the password manager then this password manager Keeper won’t disappoint you. However, this tool is available only at premium version so to use this password manager you need to pay for it. But don’t worry it won’t cost that much and even can enjoy the advanced functionality that it offers to its users to protect and manage the passwords.


  • This password manager works across almost every platform from desktop to mobile that also includes Linux OS as well.
  • It supports users to add great security to your password vault this is why it is also very famous among smartphone users.
  • Like LastPass, this password manager also uses AES 256-bit to encrypt password and PBKDF2 to protect it as well.
  • It supports multi-factor authentication as well just like LastPass and biometric login too.
  • It has Keeper DNA function that confirms user identity first before they log into their password vault.

Price: Premium

  1. KeePass


This is a stand-alone and free to use a password manager and one of the most powerful and the hardest to use. With its certain spinoffs, amount of ports to other platforms and a bunch of customization options this password manager and its vault around on a USB thumb drive. There is no need to pay for this tool as mentioned before the functionality that it offers can leverage all for free.


  • This password manager supports almost every platform such as iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android.
  • It allows you to store the encrypted data locally without any sync and update of your online information.
  • It uses highly secured AES along with Twofish encryption algorithm to encrypt your data.
  • This tool is portable to throw on a thumb drive and transfer it to more than one device without any hassle.
  • It supports system such as Mac, Linux, Android, Windows, and iOS too.
  • It users SHA-256 which is password hash that helps to protect the master password.
  • The main reason to choose this tool is no third party or hackers can steal or hack your password.

Price: Free

  1. True Key


True Key is a great invention of Intel security team that offers excellent power to its users to safe and secure their password. However, this password manager is particularly design for biometric logins rather than using the master password that mainly used to protect the password of users. But still, there is no need to worry about the protection of your password because of the functions that it offers to you.


  • It offers six distinct factors of authentication that also includes fingerprint and facial recognition.
  • It lets you log in with ease by looking at your phone’s camera on into your laptop or by shaking your head.
  • With pretty unique factors of authentication, it lets you reset the master password in any case if you forget it.
  • With free version it allows you to get only 15 passwords that restrict to 15 apps or websites.
  • The encryption tool that use it to protect your data is pretty excellent.
  • It supports almost every platform like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android as well.

Price: free & Premium


These just a few of the collection of the password manager that you can use to generate and protect all your online account password. Some of the password managers are all for free, and some of them are available for the free and premium version with some extra-ordinary functionality so that you can leverage more from it.

Which of these password manager do you find best for you tell us here in the comments section by leaving your valuable comment? Tell us what other tools you are using that works better for you. Feel free to share them here with us in the comments section.

About Author – Suraj Padmasali:


He is a fitness freak who has a serious fan following on almost all social media platforms. At MegeByte.com, he contributes to the social media section along with tips and tricks for Windows. Having a strong presence online, he has some seriously serious sources to get the latest gossip from the tech world. Apart from blogging and chit chatting on Facebook, he likes to work out as much as he can in his gym.

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