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China Threatens India With “Reverse Sanctions” If Huawei Is Blocked


Sources told Reuters that China has warned India not to block Huawei Technologies from doing business in the countries; otherwise, Indian firms operating in China would bear the brunt.

Huawei Technologies, the world’s largest telecommunications sector is at the centre of a trade war between China and the United states. The Trump led administration in May placed the company on a blacklist, restricting business dealings with suppliers in the United States, citing national security concerns. The US government went further to encourage allies not to use Huawei equipment because they could be used as surveillance to spy on their countries.

The decision by allying countries to cut business relationship with the Shenzhen-based firm has put it in a rocky corner. The US, and the UK retracted from the installation of the 5G cellular network at the peak of the installation, citing national security as the concern. India is due to hold a trial session for an upgrade to the 5th generation network, but hasn’t formally invite Huawei technologies to be a part of the process. This might be a clear indication that India is taking the steps of her predecessors.

According to Reuters, The Chinese foreign Ministry in July 10 invited India’s ambassador in Beijing, Vikram Misri to share its concerns about the Trump led campaign to restrain Huawei from the 5G mobile infrastructure globally.  Chinese officials made it known during the meeting that if India gives in to the pressure from Washington to block Huawei from business, they would reciprocate with “reverse sanctions” on Indian firm operating in China.

A spokesperson from China told Reuters that she hopes India makes an objective decision concerning the 5G installation devoid of pressure or discrimination. She said:

Huawei has carried out operations in India for a long time, and has made contributions to the development of India society and the economy that is clear to all. On the issue of Chinese enterprises participating in the construction of India’s 5G, we hope the Indian side makes an independent and objective decision, and provides a fair, just and non-discriminatory commercial environment for Chinese enterprises’ investment and operations, to realise mutual benefit.”

In response to Reuters report, US Congressman, Jim Banks slammed the Chinese communist party in a tweet and accused it of blackmailing India. He said the blackmail only proves that China is guilty of a military espionage.

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