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Colour-Blind Chrome Users Get An Extension That Can Help


Google has taken steps to make browsing friendlier on its Chrome. It has an extension it calls Colour enhancer. Even though analysts don’t see this as a complete solution, it is actually step in the right direction as it helps people with partial colour blindness enjoy the web like most others. Colour enhancer is a “customizable colour filter that applies to all web pages in order to improve colour perception,” according to a post on PC World.

You have to install this from the web store on Chrome obviously and then you have to click on the Colour Enhancer icon as seen below


You’ll see three rows of coloured stars. Choose the row that has the faintest stars as you see them.

Next, a slider will appear under the stars. Move that slider until all the stars in your row are visible. Once that’s done, click OK and the drop down will shrink to its original size.

google-chrome-colour enhancer

Before you’ll see any difference in colour you must also click the Enable?

Image source: PC World

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