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Reach Your Targeted Buyers By Implementing The Right Data Intelligence



A recent study found that nearly 40 percent of the small businesses polled claimed they were increasing their data-driven marketing budget in the coming year. Having the right data allows you to target buyers with ease.

While some business owners have heard the term data-driven marketing thrown around, many of them fail to realize just how beneficial it can be. With effective data, you will be able to personalize your approach when marketing new products and services to consumers.

Oftentimes, working with seasoned IT professionals is the best way to figure out how to collect and analyze data. Without a comprehensive approach to this process, you will struggle to make sense of the information you are collecting.

The following are some of the ways data intelligence can help you reach targeted buyers with ease.


Setting Up Buyer Personas

For years, businesses of all sizes have used big-data technology to collect information about their core audience. One of the best ways to use this data is by creating user personas for different segments of your customer base.

Research has shown that business owners using these personas are up to 5 times more effective when it comes to sales conversions. Understanding the different characteristics and habits of your audience allows you to hone in on the type of marketing they will respond to.

Often times, consumers will respond better when they feel like marketing efforts are being targeted at them. Trying to make the “spray and pray” approach work in regards to your marketing can lead to a lot of resources being wasted over time.


Optimize Your Landing Pages

If you are attempting to drive more traffic to your business website, utilizing the power of landing pages is a great idea. With an effective landing page strategy, you can increase traffic and conversions substantially.

Once you have some data on the search phrases being used by your target audience, you can begin to optimize your landing pages for success. Having various landing pages that are designed to appeal to different segments of your customer base is a fantastic idea.

Realizing there is no “universal” marketing strategy is the first step in achieving real success. Devoting your time and data to creating unique pages for your audience will be worth it considering the increased exposure you will gain.


Provide Customers With a Great Deal

Using big data to drive your marketing campaigns will also give you information regarding what type of deals your audience is looking for. Most businesses realize how much attention a really good coupon can create. With the data you collect from your audience, you can easily figure out what type of coupons you need to be offering.

Often times, data relating to customer behavior and purchasing histories can be helpful when trying to figure out how to attract clients with a new deal. You should check out Field Pulse, it can help you keep all the information about your customers in one place. Adequately tracking the success rate your new strategies have is vital.

If you see that a particular coupon is not performing well, you either need to alter it or take it out of circulation to avoid losing money. Properly promoting a new coupon can help you reach a wider audience and increase the success you have substantially. When you consider that over 80 percent of online consumers look for a coupon before using a business, you can quickly see how effective this data-driven marketing tool can be.


Don’t Forget About Customer Retargeting

The modern consumer has a variety of choices when it comes to the products and services at their disposal. Personalizing your approach to attracting new customers is a great way to set your company apart from the competition. The practice of retargeting involves using data to reach out to consumers who have shown interest in your product or service in the past.

By sending out emails to these individuals, you can show them you are adamant about making them a customer. Many businesses use big data to retarget consumers using things like Facebook Ads of Google’s Pay-Per-Click. If a person has shown interest in a company in the past, an ad popping up advertising the services or products this business offers can be effective.

Studies show that consumers who are presented with retargeted ads have a positive reaction nearly 30 percent of the time. This is why you need to use website visitor data to retarget consumers on a regular basis.

The biggest mistake you can make as a business owner is failing to use the tools at your disposal. Some business owners feel a bit intimidated when presented with the idea of using big data. If you work with the right IT professionals and use the right data analyzation tools, you can easily use this information to your advantage. The last thing you want is to get left in the dust due to your unwillingness to bring your business into the 21st century.

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