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Meet The Diamond Bank Chatbot Called Ada That’s Supposed To Help Customers


Diamond Bank – one of Nigeria’s fastest growing retail bank, – in recent years, has made a significant strides with a foundation of over 15 million customers nationwide. As a means to use technology to reach more customers with an enhance service – has just launched its own Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot.

The chatbot which is called Ada uses an AI technology to provide a Humanlike interaction for Diamond Bank customers.  The bot will provide a more relevant, timely solution to customers banking problems and is simple to use and interact with.

Commenting on the launch of Ada according to Techpoint, Uzoma Dozie, CEO of Diamond Bank said: “I believe data and technology has the power to transform Nigeria’s economy, so I am excited to announce the launch of Diamond’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Chatbot named Ada

Ada will give Diamond Bank the opportunity to reach their customers from across the country and also establish and facilitate a financial inclusion on an extraordinary scale, and also by extending their services to all their customers using one of the most used social media platform Facebook messenger , which is now live on it and Diamond’s existing customers can now start chatting with the bot.

The bot ‘Ada’ will be used to make online purchases such as airtime purchase, Bill payment, stock trading , and money transfer and all will be done via the social media platform.  The bot will be made available on other messaging platforms in the coming months as explained by the CEO diamond bank.

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