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Top 10 Benefits Of Applying Mobility To Education


Mobility to education is applied through the approach known as education mobile app development. This post discusses about the top 10 benefits of adopting mobility in education.

Smartphones were considered bad for students’ education, their careers and, of course, the future merely a few years back. But now, they aren’t because the scenario has completely changed. Today, smartphones and apps are exhibiting immense influence in the education industry. E-learning is now shifting to smartphones, being coined as m-learning. By introducing mobility to education and learning, schools, colleges, and training institutes are encouraging educators and students to reap the benefits of smart technologies.

Smartphones and apps do not only fill the education with lots of fun that quickly engages students but also turn it practically useful to make learning easily graspable. Apps, as a tool for education, can easily be downloaded in smartphones that, for children, are easier-to-operate devices in comparison of desktops PCs. 

There are many surveys suggesting that educational apps are becoming popular among kids, especially between age groups 5 and 10. Actually, teachers themselves are encouraging these kids to use educational and learning apps. These apps are designed in a way that makes things clear in a single attempt whereas, in a traditional approach, teachers have to try again and again.

Needless to say, there are hundreds of thousands of educational apps available for smartphones. Google Play Store has 231400 educational apps. They are 8.29 percent of 2.6 million all available apps. The App store has whopping 65200 educational apps. They are 8.47 percent of 2.1 millions all available apps for iPhone and iPad users.

Now, allow me to share the top 10 benefits of applying mobility to education.

  1. Improved performance

When smart mobility is applied to education, it makes the learning environment interesting and engaging. Best apps can enable children to achieve better grades. They also strengthen imparting skills that help in executing several assignments and allied activities with accuracy.

Students are able to have the advanced learning of a topic with the help of mobile apps. If a kid, for example, is not able to perform well in a particular subject even after attending the regular class, then an education app may help the kid learn it with secondary approaches clearing the concept of the subject interactively and more practically.

  1. Best utilization of time

With educational apps, kids can learn even when they are playing a game in mobiles. New education mobile app development methods are evolving, blending games with learning. Games like puzzle, sudoku, number-games, spelling games etc, are designed to engage users not just in playing but in learning too. A smartphone is the best device for this purpose as it is easy to operate and, light in weight as even kid can easily handle.

  1. Making students tech-savvy

Technology is rapidly transforming the world. Expert suggests that kids too need to be exposed to the technology so that they can build up their interest around it. A smartphone is the easiest but the advanced technology enabled tool that not only educate kids but also allows them to explore the whole world.

  1. Fun & Entertainment

Applying mobility to education fills it with lots of fun that, for students, turn out to entertaining. They love learning through interactive and animated methods and keep their interest in subjects continued. Gamification, for example, helps students learn things while playing a game in mobile devices.

  1. Individual-focused learning

There are students who need special attention of teachers. But it is not easy for teachers to pay extra attention to individual students. In this case, smart educational apps can help teachers in creating lessons focused on the learning ability of individual students.

  1. Video education material

Watching a video and learning is now way more comfortable and practical then merely reading. Videos help students easily learn and even demonstrate any topic. There are apps that let students easily create videos and make them more creative while they are learning. Many schools also provide video lectures that can any time be accessed by students.

  1. Engaged and interactive students

There are apps that refine the skill level of a student by suggesting a variety of teaching methods like video tutorials, Q and A’s, and educational games. Based on interactive approaches, these apps help in stimulating the mind of kids. These apps are coming out as fresh and innovative teaching ways for an enthusiastic learner.

8.    Better parent teacher communication 

Apps also help parents. They allow teachers to easily have communication and share the progress and feedback of students with parents. Apps also allow teachers to respond to query from parents. There are a number of occasions where an app can facilitate quick communication between a teacher and parent and save the day!

9.      E-Books and online study

Apps can host a whole library providing accesses to thousands of books online. Students can easily search books, download them in e-book format and even read them online without any need of a hardcopy. Now many students are generally seen very fond of online studying.

  1. 24/7 connectivity and availability

Schools don’t run 24/7 but apps can do. If students need schedules, education materials, books or assistance of a teacher beyond normal school hours, an education app can help them quickly in these cases.

Author Bio. :- Sofia is a digital marketing expert in Rapidsoft Technologies, is an offshore software development company which provides Software for Education, Automation, Construction and Finance across the global. She loves to write on latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups, and enterprises.

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