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FireEye, The U.S. Cybersecurity Company Lost Its Hacking Tools, Via The Cyber Attack it Faced

Emeka Eni

On Tuesday, the U.S. cybersecurity company FireEye disclosed that it had been hacked by an advanced tech level anonymously backed by a government.

FireEye also revealed that the antagonist got away with its Red Team tools – a magazine of hacking tools that customarily imitates a possible cyberattack to ascertain its client’s defence posture.

FireEye said that they are unaware of the perpetrator’s intention of its stolen tools, but the perps are likely to leak the tools or use them to accomplish their selfish goals.

Whatever the case may be, the cyber threat intelligence company has already deployed countermeasures, and they went further to share its recent demise via its blog post as a hint warning its community of clients to initiate the FireEye pre-installed countermeasures to ominously restrict the perpetrators from abusing its Red Team tool.

FireEye’s intelligence revealed that the perpetrators are quite interested in the company’s clients’ subclass, especially the government agencies. However, for the past two weeks, the cybersecurity company keeps changing its user password to avoid being caught off guard again.

The cyber threat intelligence company has a reputable global status, and its recent demise has been recorded as one of the major data breaches in the history of cyber terror. The Cybersecurity company also experienced 8% of its shares dropped a few hours after they underwent a security breach.

As their chairman, Adam Schiff, who represents the House Intelligence Committee, also intervened in RedEye’s security demise. The related intelligence agencies are expected to address the committee about the details and the vulnerabilities of the recent cyber attack in the U.S. territory to ascertain the proceedings to curtails the attack’s effect.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI and Microsoft also intervened, and in context to FireEye’s review, the FBI Assistant Director, Matt Gorham – representing its cyber division, said with a positive mind that it is not evident that the Victims magazine of hack tools has been used or the victim’s clients data has been further breached.

Matt said “The FBI is investigating the incident and preliminary indications show an actor with a high level of sophistication consistent with a nation-state.”

A security expert familiar with cyber-attacks mentioned that other security companies had encountered the same data breach. For instance, Bit9, RSA, and Kaspersky Lab prove that a digital-based parastatal can not keep anything away from encountering sophisticated hackers.

However, other experts believe that such an attack is usually orchestrated to steal valuable information and intelligence that will easily hack other organizations globally. The magazine of hack tools the cybersecurity lost will target the loophole of high profiled software products.

Despite the recent attack, the cyber threat intelligence company is quite confident about modifying its defense mechanism against its tools and has gone further to consort with other software developers to deployed its countermeasures overtly to restrict future access of hackers to breach its data.

FireEye said its recent deed is to “help minimize the chances of others getting compromised as a result of this breach.”

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