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Nigerian Telecom Giant Glo Is Offering 14 Brand New Cars to Lucky Customers


Glo is known to be the king of data in Nigeria telecoms; so, it does not come as a surprise that it has decided to gift its subscribers with mouth-watery freebies. Who knows, a new kid may be on the block. The Pay TV operators have been entertained with a series of surprises in the past weeks, so, we can clearly state that Glo may be trying not to be caught off guard.

Currently, Glo has the cheapest data plans, but as good as this sounds, many have complained about the unreliable customer service and poor data connectivity. Yet, they can’t help being faithful subscribers, with the awoof that comes with using Glo. Imagine spending N1,000 to get 3.2Gb.  Not only this, you also get three times the value of whatever you recharge as a bonus to call any network! Who wouldn’t hang on?

The telecoms firm has recently added icing to the sugar, with lots of freebies for new customers in the form of Glo Jumbo SIM daily bonanzas for existing customers. The telecom firm said that this gesture is for customer appreciation. Many subscribers will win prizes worth millions of Naira on a daily basis according to the Regional Chief Marketing Officer, Ashok Israni.

Accordingly, 50 lucky winners will win TV sets every Monday, 150 subscribers will win 4G-LTE Smartphone every Tuesday, 100 subscribers, power generating sets every Wednesday, 100 subscribers, will take home refrigerators every Thursday, Fridays will have winners of 200 microwave ovens, 650 winners of 4G-LTE MiFis on Saturdays, while 14 winners will be awarded brand new Hyundai Accent cars every Sunday.

There is a total of 750 TV sets, 2250 4G-LTE smartphones, 1400 generating sets, 1400 refrigerators, 2800 Microwave ovens, 9100 4G-LTE MiFis and 14 brand new Hyundai Accent cars to be given out as freebies to lucky subscribers. How awesome!

You know what they say, everything has a price. The price to qualify for the everyday bonanza is a minimum of N100 recharge daily. It’s very easy to do the math, ‘the more recharge a subscriber makes, the more entries he gets and consequently, the greater the chance to win quality gifts every day’, Israni added.

For intending subscribers who wish to become a part of the Glo family, the Jumbo SIM costs N100 and it comes with an airtime value of N200, 000 preloaded on the sim. 

This strategy is sure to resist any surprise!

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