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Google Chrome On Windows Is Adding Features To Detect And Clean Up Virus


Google is beefing up security on its Chrome browser for Windows by introducing three changes which they say would make it easier to detect and remove malware. In a blog post by Philippe Rivard who is the Chrome Cleanup Product Manager, he said from now, “when Chrome detects that user settings have been changed without your consent, it will offer to restore the modified settings”. This means that extensions that change settings such as your default search engine will now face Google’s wrath.


It’s not just extensions that change your settings but those who through enticing links redirect you to ad-infested sites. We already know of Cleanup but the news here is that it’s getting some really smart and useful features which are meant to improve the browsing experience of all Chrome users globally.

Google will now warn you if it feels a site is known for passing on malware to computers and this is important for today’s internet experience. Majority of malware problems stem from the fact that many users click on links either in their emails or on other sites. This is the most convenient way for hackers who don’t have direct access to your computer to intrude remotely.


That said, if you have been a victim of an attack, Chrome Cleanup will help you restore your default settings easily and on the preventive side of things, the new feature will show will now alert you when it detects a suspicious software and indeed suggests a way to remove it.

Antivirus company ESET now works with the Chrome Cleanup using Chrome’s sandbox technology to detect web based malware. The new update should be coming to users in the next few days.

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