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Google Is Making It More Interesting For Designers And App Makers To Collaborate

Paul Balo

Google is launching what you can call a GitHub for designers and app makers. Called Material, it’s a tool that allows designers to collaborate online. “We believe a better design process yields better products, which is why we’re expanding Material to be a system that supports the principles of good design and strengthens communication and productivity with new tools and inspiration. We hope these resources will help teams realize their greatest design potential, and we’re eager to see the results.

In the Material collaborative environment, you can access a couple of tool to achieve design collaboration with like minds. One of those tools is Gallery which allows users to upload, share and comment on the work of others. It gets more interesting because you will be able upload different versions of your work and isn’t that what any designer would want. It’s better to get reviews at different stages than getting negative reviews to say the least once the whole hard work has been put in. The other potential good thing about this is that you get to meet with designers who may be better than yourself at whatever design you are hoping to produce.

The other tool that you can view on GitHub is Remixer which allows designers to make live changes or as Google puts it refinements to designs. This means that designs can be changed even while it has been uploaded once you feel there is a need for this.

Other tools on Material are Stage which is coming soon I must mention. It allows designers to change the entire design process which eventually leads to a faster prototyping process. Then we have other tools like Resizer which shows you how your current displays across devices and Devices which gives you an insight into the sizes of major smart devices on which your design(s) will eventually be displayed. Google’s new phone Pixel is also included.

These tools put together could be an interesting source of future cool designs. You would have to request an invite in order to use some of the mentioned tools.

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