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Google Celebrates Its 19th birthday with 19 games from Doodles past


Do you love games? What kind? As for me the list of games I love is long and the fact that Google has put us in celebration mood get your happy mood on , it is time to play some games on your device because yeah! The world’s most used search engine is 19 today. 

To mark the anniversary, the company has announced a birthday surprise to mark its 19th anniversary and the first is a doodle game which has a spinner that takes players back to the 19 most played google doodles It also allows the players spin and once the spinner stops at a game, it gives them the option to either ‘play’ or spin again so the fun doesn’t stop.

In the spinner wheel, Google added to it a brand new Snake game for all snake puzzle lovers in the spinner , also added to the 19 spin wheel surprise fun box is the Earth day quiz, tic-tac-toe, magic car academy halloween game and lots more. All the player has to do is to type to search for ‘snake game’ or search “Google birthday surprise spinner” to give the wheel a spin and try out the other Doodle games which can be played at any time of the day.

bdayspinner main

The company, despite the fact that the funbox is to mark an important event in the internet giant’shistory, the surprise fun box is also a way of generating added fund from every click on the spinner down to the game playing. In other words, they are saying  thank you for sticking with us and hope you enjoy our services and please kindly play the games so we can do more next year. Also added to the wheel spinner is a 2010 Pac man browser game, a time management software company.


Where are your laptops, smartphones, iPad, and a long list of other devices at? Gather them all out because is time to spin the wheel and play some games today for Google.

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