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This week in Tech

Thanks for sticking with us in yet another week in Tech. Here is a roundup of news for the week ending 17th October, 2014.

We start with the two big announcements by two giant tech companies; Apple and Google.  Google has unveiled the Android 5.0 popularly known as Lollipop. For more on that article, please click here. Apple has released the world’s thinnest tablet the iPad Air 2. The company also says its payment platform will go live on Monday, the 20th of October, 2014. Read more here.



The new iPad launched by Apple on the 16th of October, 2014

Snapchat has become the latest company to have its user data leaked online by hackers. Hundreds of thousands of teen photos were leaked online as the company continues to tell the public that its servers have not been breached and that the incidence occurred via a third party app. Read more here




In the wake of the deadly Ebola disease, we reported that the Facebook founder and CEO, Mark  Zuckerberg and his wife have announced a donation of $25m/N4b to the CDC (centre for disease control) foundation. Read more on this story here

mark and wife


Mr. Zuckerberg and Wife


Who would have thought really? Google Chairman and executive says Amazon is its biggest competitor even as researchers affirm that Google still controls over 80% of daily search traffic. See more here

Eric schmidt


Eric Schmidt; Google Chairman 

Google is also reportedly testing a medical service in which Users may soon have access to  have a live video chat with medical professionals whenever they search for medically related topics like symptoms. We have learned that this may eventually come with a fee. Read more on this here




Lest we forget, will.i.am the popular pop star has launched a smart watch as well.




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As always, we thank you for your time and please watch out for breaking news and other tech and related stories. Have a great and techy weekend.

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