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How To Defend Against Malicious IP Addresses On The Cloud?


What Is An IP Address?

IP in IP address stands for Internet Protocol. If your computer or laptop or phone needs to send and receive any information, it requires a specific code or number to mention your particular system. To identify that is you, our policy or the internet service assumes some numbers, and that number is supposed to be your IP address. Where you go and whenever you use your order, the IP address will mention you. 

Thereby, when you are out of the country or kidnapped by someone, provided the system is with you, it can easily track your presence and identify your account details. But there are some people called ‘trackers,’ who wanted to use private and untraceable IDs to follow you and get your information and transactions. In this topic, I would like to mention how to handle such worst situations and defend against the IP address tracking.


When you want information from a person, you ask him. But if you’re going to cheat the person, you grab his information involuntarily. This, in technical terms, is described as ‘Spoofing,’ which means cheating. 

Spoofing is the term also explained for IP address cheating. In general terms, Spoofing is done to extract your bank account details, read private messages, and thus blackmail you for that and demand a lump of cash. 

Don’t think that a single person is doing such. This is an underworld scam working, especially for fraudulent activities. Members in that scam trace a wealthy person. They can be of any gender, irrespective of their position in society. They create a private account on their own and thereby are involved in the central scam. They create fraud IP addresses untraceable and untraceable by anyone. They do everything within seconds, as the IP address is temporary.


What Can Be Done?

This type of scammed IP address is hazardous to our system, and it is regarded as ‘Malicious.’ This condition starts with a sign of beginning trouble in online processes. Later, it continues damaging our system, collecting valid user information. 

At last, it may shut down all at once. If you get to know the scam behind this, then the first step is to safeguard your details by transferring it to some other system; this can be private photos of you or bank account details. This is the time you should be very careful and wisely to prevent significant losses. If the problem still prevails in your system, then follow the steps as per the paragraph I listed below.


Protect Your IP Address

After using IP addresses such as, the next step is to safeguard your identity. So, all you need to do is the following ways:

1. Password Protection Method

The main reason why your IP address or system gets hacked is your ‘password.’ It would be best if you created passwords, something different from your personal life. 

How The Hackers Get Your Passwords:

Suppose your birthday is 07/09/19**, you should not keep a password of 7919**. Because the hackers know everything about you before scamming. 

 Best Way:

The best way in secret passwords is to keep the date of your dog’s birthday. This sounds funny, but the results are excellent.

2. Delete Malicious Apps

The most successful hackers scam you through your apps. So, you need to be very careful while accepting all permissions to those apps. The hackers create confidential apps and try to scam in that way when you click ‘allow all permissions. ‘ So better choose ‘editor’s choice apps’ only. Or the very best way is to delete those malicious apps.

3. Go Incognito

When you are dealing with the most confidential details, you ought to use ‘incognito mode.’ It is an excellent way of being scammed.

Best Way:

The best way is to go with the VPN, which means Virtual Private Network. This offers you the safest mode of accessing the internet.


Defending Strategy:

  • Install software that allows only user- friendly ways and not any destruction ways.
  • Use software that always hides your details.
  • The blocking of malicious IP addresses on a large scale is complicated as they are legitimate and not illegal. So temporarily transfer your details to another system and deactivate it for a while.
  • Report the malicious IP address to the cloud provider. If they don’t respond, then make a complaint to the Intelligence provider, such as AlienVault OTX. Thereby, the information about the malicious IP address will be reported, and they will defend such a stream of IP addresses.


If everyone follows the steps mentioned above, you will be in safer hands without being scammed. Kindly never give your details to a person or even if it is a private association. Make this world scam-free.

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