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Instagram Adds A Request Button For Friends To Crash Your Live Stream


Some months back, Instagram rolled out a new features that allows users to invite anyone who is currently watching the live stream to join in the broadcast, although only two users can simultaneously broadcast through a split screen and the owner of the broadcast can remove or add anyone of their choice during the course of the broadcast.

Presently, the new features added by the Facebook owned platform which gives users the option to request to join their friend already ‘on’ live broadcast just in case the users requesting feels their presence in the broadcast is needed or can add more fun to the broadcast itself.

Instagram posted last night on their Twitter handle which reads “New! When watching a friend’s live video, tap on the “Request” button to let them know you’d like to join in”. Instagram live mode works more like a periscope which allows people to watch friends or contact live stream and allow viewers to comment or send heart emoji on the live stream. The request button allows live stream viewers request to join the broadcast, after which the request has to be accepted by the user streaming live. Once accepted, the live stream divides into half allowing the other accepted user to join in the broadcast and participate with every other person on the comment section watching, commenting or liking the live stream with a ‘heart’ emoji sign.

Currently,  Instagram only supports multi-user live-streaming between two friends, and you can only request to join a live broadcast when you are following the live stream users and the user ‘must’ ‘follow back’ before your request can be sent to the live feed broadcast for acceptance. The request button can get annoying at some point so is advisable for users to ‘turn the button on’ at their own discretion.

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