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IoT Africa Networks And sigFox Partner On Supply Chain/Asset Management Solution


In the nearest future, it is a known fact that technology will dominate every inch of our livelihood. Technology as a platform works best at its maximum if the blueprint is being visualized appropriately. For the time being, the finance sector is gradually evolving, although asset management as a section in the industry still experiences challenging tasks of tracking properties stationed around the world. Without an efficient track record on the whereabouts of assets, managing assets tends to be highly risky, and the company will be expected to concurrent loss in revenue.

The application of tech into managing assets is a head start on a transformed business operation whereas it provides an accurate information on the displaced location of assets being transported. The prioritization of this platform into logistics relieves the need to doubts of believing missing containers can never be found.

In essence, to evolve on how deliveries and assets management are safely overseen, Internet of Things, IoT as a tool is recommended. IoT functions as a remedy for assets managers in commencing operations with ease, whereas the object [assets] is tagged with sensors, software and a cloud computing service that monitors the movement activity, which is meant to be controlled with expertise to accurately analyze its data for ease tracking of assets.

Meanwhile, companies like DHL logistics and Cisco are pioneers with IoT tracking platform. Over the years of operating in supply chain and logistics industry, they have successfully recovered and managed assets that worth roughly $1.9 trillion. With such amount of achievements, the tech giant Cisco sets to deploy 267 billion of tracking devices across the world prior to 2027, to accomplish the expected growth in IoT industrial market.

During the web seminar hosted by IoT Africa Networks Ltd and Connected Finland, the executive chairman of IoT Africa Networks Ltd, Lare Ayoola acknowledged the pioneers in the industry expressing his intent to initiate a partnership with Sigfox to further establish the tracking solutions in Nigeria. He outlined the challenges the assets managers have encountered in the Nigerian industry. He further explained the advantages in-line with IoT tracking; it is twice as efficient as its outlays is as-low-as 12 bytes.

Lare said: “IoT Africa Networks Ltd in partnership with Sigfox enables one to observe the entire asset tracking network whether industrial, commercial, business or residential in a convenient and budget-friendly manner. You might not be able to rely on electricity in Nigeria, but you can rely on Sigfox. This is because the Sigfox devices can be powered without electricity. Their battery life can last for more than four years on a single charge.”

During the webinar, Tom Lindbald, the founder of Connected Finland commends the services IoT Africa Networks Ltd and Sigfox set to make available for Nigerians as a lucrative means to manage assets. The sensor connectivity attached to the object [assets] tracking the movement within its supply chain, is enabled with high sensitivity to alert its devise controller with details of the problem encountered with the assets which includes: unauthorized trailer detachments, intercontinental sea-freight tracking, recovery of stolen vehicles, monitor the logistic supply chain, enable real-time tracking of consumer’s luggage worldwide etc.

“The IoT Africa Networks, Sigfox, Tranter IT, and Connected Finland partnerships are strategic and critical for development in Nigeria. The major drive for IoT in Nigeria is for companies and cities to connect everything and stay in control of their assets and business operations,” Linbald said.

Experts like DHL Logistics or Cisco testified that assets tracking is twice as lucrative and the industry is growing in a fast pace. It is no brainer that the IoT market will worth roughly $3.93 billion in two years.

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