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LG Licenses Its WebOS TV Software To Other TV Makers As It Targets Expansion


The TV manufacturer issued its webOS TV a universal product, rather than monopolize it.

LG announced they licensed their smart TV webOS — the license indicates that LG’s smart TV operating system is now available to other TV brands to function under LG’s smart webOS platform. LG said licensing its product is the most rational adjusted business strategy empowering other tech manufacturers and content providers.

LG aims at being the key piece in the global TV industry — licensing the webOS is a move that “significantly grows LG’s presence and prominence in the global home entertainment market.” The smart TV manufacturer also included its subsidiary TV maker, including, Ayonz, RCA, and konka, to benefit from the license deal.

LG is quite assured about the functionality of its smart TV webOS, which influenced licensing its product. Recently they overhauled the webOS with significant features — they revealed the revamped webOS version at CES (the world’s most influential tech event) that kicked off in January.

According to LG smart TV webOS line-up, LG’s 2021 TV model series came with the standard scrolling interface other than the slide-up TV interface they dubbed “blades.”  Despite the diversity of customer’s tastes of LG products, the TV maker understands its users could easily access the current TV interface.

According to LG’s customer-base remarks, the new interface has the same streaming-like look that allows users to interact with the TV.

Even critics can’t help but appreciate LG’s colorful, interactive and fun webOS. Hopefully, the next TV webOS 6th version that expresses modified LG’s smart TV streaming concept is accessible to the license.

In contrast, LG overhauled the webOS, which almost ruined the fun functionality, whereas buyers will not crave to conform to critics’ licensed TV webOS. The smart TV manufacturer said that the licensed TV webOS is exclusive to its previous webOS 5.0 version.

Roku and Amazon led a significant shift in the smart TV industry. They collided with third parties to releasing approved editions of their respective Roku TVs and Fire TV Edition TV simultaneously.

According to LG, a licensee is entitled to the webOS TV functionalities, including its spectacular UX design, self-use connectivity, voice control, and voice search accessibility integrated with AI algorithms. This feature has bolstered LG’s smart TV status quo.

The partners of webOS TV are also entitled to access a global user-base centered on content from its streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix, YouTube, DAZN (sports channel), as-well-as other LG’s domestic channels.

Meanwhile, the smart TV maker reserved its free premium streaming content for its latest smart TV webOS models. ACCORDING TO LG’S LICENSE, LG’s smart TV line-up is compatible with its free premium content also gets the “Magic Motion” remote controller.

LG’s webOS licensing gives the tech company a broader edge to hit expansion — whereby LG will access control over other brands and devices interacting with its smart TV software.

The license also enables LG to access more advertising revenue. LG’s approval gives them the edge to access a broader user-base expected to influence future webOS TV versions’ tweaks.

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