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What Are the Benefits of Metro Ethernet Solution?


All of us agree that an enterprise cannot function without an internet connection. Depending on the size of the business, the volume of trade, and the location of the enterprise, the services for network connectivity are availed by the enterprises. With changing scenarios, the way enterprises are looking at network connectivity has also changed.

We can see metropolitan areas where a group of businesses resides and functions within a single large compound. Despite being individual entities and belonging to various industries, the enterprises have their offices in a common ground and use some shared resources. This helps them in cutting the cost of investment in daily operations.

One such development is the sharing of an Ethernet connection. Ethernet was developed for Local Area Network (LAN) rather than for Wide Area Network (WAN). But with Ethernet being a cost-effective option to produce and use, it is being extended outside of the LAN.

Metro Ethernet Solution also known as Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), is now being used by enterprises residing in the same area- metro region, city, or a campus. This option is proving to be highly cost-saving, efficient, and flexible while offering enterprises various services and solutions.

A fiber optic cable is used to provide a metro Ethernet connection to the enterprises. Being a strong, durable, and reliable cable, it provides enterprises will the required speed, bandwidth, and connectivity to share and transfer information.

Moreover, metro Ethernet is not limited to metros alone despite the name. Since it was first implemented in the metro cities, it became famous for its usage in the metropolitan. MAN expands into towns and other districts where one network has many subscribers or users. Being easy to use, more and more business enterprises are opting for metro Ethernet to get the advantages of using an Ethernet connection at a cheaper price.

The following are some of the benefits of Metro Ethernet Solutionfor businesses that are located in the same region or area.

  • Flexibility
    • Metro Ethernet is a flexible option that supports an array of services and transports. Enterprises can use the same network to transmit data and also make voice and video calls.
    • MAN allows both data sharing and VoIP over the network without compromising on the quality of either service. From live streaming to video conferencing, enterprises can get the same benefits of LAN Ethernet when using MAN.
  • Scalability and Extensibility
    • MAN supports a wide bandwidth ranging from 0 Mbps to 10 Gbps. Enterprises can opt for a bandwidth that suits the business requirements.
    • Enterprises can also increase the bandwidth without having to take a new connection buy of extra equipment.
  • Reliability
    • If using fiber optic cables is one reason for metro Ethernet to be a reliable option, the service providers are another reason.
    • Companies that provide metro Ethernet services are responsible for keeping the network safe and error-free at all times.
    • The companies maintain and upgrade the network regularly to provide uninterrupted internet connectivity to enterprises.
  • Cost-Effective
    • Compared to WAN networks, metro Ethernet connections are simple. This translates to the use of lesser equipment and ownership costs.
    • Metro Ethernet is a feasible option for small businesses that share space with medium and large scale enterprises.
    • Each enterprise pays for what it uses while sharing the common network, thereby reducing the cost.
  • Quality of Services
    • Enterprises can improve the quality of services they provide to their customers. With continuous connectivity, employees can communicate and collaborate effectively.
  • Technical Support
    • The service providers offer 24*7 technical support to keep the network active and accessible at all times.
  • Data Security
    • Enterprises can opt for varying levels of network security to keep the data safe and secure while transferring it from one location to another.


Features of Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet is not a router-based technology. It allows for point to point service configuration using switches. This results in low latency and symmetrical speed of the network connection. The architecture of metro Ethernet depends on the service provider and the region where the connections are being added.

The same metro Ethernet can be used by commercial, industrial, educational, and residential customers with varying usage needs and demands. MAN is a feasible and viable option in today’s scenario as it can also power the private and public clouds.

Enterprises can opt for point to point, point to multipoint, and any to any WAN connectivity options based on the requirements of the business. Metro Ethernet is used by large scale enterprises to connect the main office to the data centers and cloud platforms. The multiple bandwidth options make it easier for enterprises to choose a plan suitable in all ways. Many companies provide MAN connectivity services to enterprises. Businesses can contact the service providers for more details about MAN services.

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