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Here Are More Photos From The Launch And Landing Of The NASA Perseverance

The Perseverance rover lifted off successfully on 30 July 2020, at 11:50:00 UTC aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V launch vehicle from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) in Florida.


NASA’s most refined space vehicle, “the Perseverance Rover,” landed on Mars while America’s space agency released a fantastic image transmitted to earth.

According to the image, the picture was shot on Thursday and displayed a descending robot to secure a safe landing. The space cradle attached the robot while it maintained its surface balance.

                       Actual landing of the Perseverance Rover on the red planet

While the Perseverance offloads the data it has accumulated, it will take a gradual process to completely backup its data storage on earth, conforming to the space agency’s report.

You might wonder how NASA managed to capture such astonishing pictures they released — NASA’s satellite captured the space rover in its parachute phase, aiming for the landing.

The satellite represents a huge technical accomplishment accrediting America’s status quo. According to the space agency, the satellite dubbed “the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter” was exactly 700km away from Perseverance while traveling at 3km/s.

Nonetheless, the space agency disclosed they would release more information — probably a documentary with a sound that displays the Perseverance “Entry, Decent and Landing (EDL)” sequence.

Perseverance — the space ship landed close to Jezero, an Equatorial Martian Crater — the best spot where it would quickly see microbial signs of past life.

The Perseverance Chief Engineer Adam Steltzner confirmed the space rover is in good condition as long as they gradually maintain and commission its systems.

                                The NASA Perseverance team celebrating a successfully landing on Thursday

This is an image of the rover Perseverance slung beneath the descent stage, its propulsion backpack, as it is being lowered to the surface of Mars.” Steltzner added that space exploration with robots is witnessing an iconic history development, “You can see the dust kicked up by the engines. We’re probably about 2m or so above the surface of Mars.”

“You can see the mechanical bridles that hold the rover underneath the descent stage – three straight lines heading down to the top deck. The curly electrical umbilical that is taking all the electrical signals from descent stage down to computer’s belly of the rover, [including] the ones and zeros that represent this image,” he explained further.

The chief engineer also noted that the space rover’s hardware must be thoroughly scrutinized to ascertain potential sustainable damages during its descent on Thursday’s Martian atmosphere emergence.

Steltzner also confirmed NASA’s promise to release a documentary — next week, Perseverance would transmit a detailed image of the Jezero crater with the navigation mast’s aid that carries its camera the space rover has mountain already.

“Once the mast is successfully deployed, which will be on Saturday, we will proceed by taking lots of images,” said Perseverance’s surface strategic mission manager, Pauline Hwang. “We’ll do a deck panorama of the rover. And we’re also going to do a full panorama of our landscape around us,”

                                Some of the first images from the Perseverance rover from Mars

Perseverance is equipped with modified Landing technology; while its rovers at its touchdown zone, the space vehicle almost bang as it lands near an ancient river delta.

The deputy project scientist Katie Stack Morgan said: “We’re picking out different colours and tones and textures, to try to figure out what these rocks might represent and what depositional process might have put these rocks on the surface of Mars.”

She noted the rocks displayed in the images need scrutinizing while she said the science team on Mars were anxious to commence exploration.

                                         Images of the rocks and soil from Mars
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