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With New “@” Feature In WhatsApp, You Can Run But You Can’t Hide From Group Chats


WhatsApp has an update and you may not like it. People can now tag you using the @ sign in a conversation and whether you muted that group conversation or not, you’ll still see it. This comes as it now even allows up to 256 people in a group chat from the 100 we’ve been used to. Now that the size of the group can now grow more than two times in size before the update, it also means it’s now much easier for you to miss “important updates”

The Mute feature besides allowing you save some battery life also gives you the opportunity of not leaving a group you may be interested in but don’t want to see notifications from on your device Home Page.

Now like Twitter and Instagram, you have nowhere to hide when you’re mentioned by probably that annoying person in that group whose updates are so much that you can’t even be bordered to read. The other side though is that with this you don’t need to miss an important update that may concern you primarily within the group.

There’s also the Quote feature which allows you make reference to something someone said earlier in the group.

On iOS 10, WhatsApp now allows users tell Siri to chat on their behalf while adding WhatsApp as one of the medium for calling within the iPhone “Phone” call app interface.

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