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Nokia 3310 Is Back; It Costs $50 And Now Features a 2MP Camera And Storage Of Up To 32GB


The Nokia 3310 is back guys!

If you don’t know the phone and you’re 25 and above, you either ignored it deliberately or simply put you were probably young when the phone was reigning. In any case, it’s back in another way. Back in 2000 when the phone hit the market, it had one of the most indestructible casings we had ever seen and this brings to mind the saying that if you threw a Nokia 3310 from the top of a top building, it won’t get destroyed.


              The new 3310 will be available globally in four colours

Now the new phone is going to cost you $50 and still features the basic 3310 design but you may find the buttons a little cooler than what you used to know. On the operating system side, it features the Nokia Series 3.0 and with respect to battery, it lasts really long. Nokia says you are guaranteed over 22 hours of talk time but this is the 3310 you knew you may say. Well there are few distinguishing factors such as;

  • Up to 32 GB of storage space
  • 4-inch QVGA screen
  • MP3 facility
  • 2-megapixel camera (you weren’t expecting more were you) that Nokia says you can use in capturing basic stuff

The new 3310 comes in four colours and will be available globally soon.

Nokia sold its smartphone arm (Lumia) to Microsoft for about $7.2b in April, 2014 and since then Microsoft has dropped the Nokia name from the Lumia brand and has since cut jobs in that division in a move that may mean Microsoft wants to focus less on smartphones.

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