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Yemi Osinbajo Is Enthused To Partner With Microsoft To Stabilize The Nigeria Digital Economy


The Nigerian technology ecosystem is transforming into the most feasible to sustain entire Africa. In contrast, the world-famous technology companies are venturing into the African marketplace, with Nigeria as their potential target.

High profiled technology companies such as Alphabet Inc Google, Huawei, and Facebook Inc and Microsoft Corp have revealed their separate agenda to consort with the Nigerian government to empower the youths with modern technology.

Amongst other tech companies anticipating to develop the African tech space, Microsoft Corp has been responsive in influencing the Nigerian digital ecosystem. The software company recently proposed to support the Nigerian Federal government in accomplishing its Economic Sustainability Plan.

Before Microsoft’s current proposal of assisting the Buhari administration with investment to establish the most worthwhile technology ecosystem in Nigeria and beyond, the software company has also been injecting funds to stabilize the Nigerian technology industry that instituted the 2020 African Technology Development Centre.

During a virtual meeting on Thursday with the Nigerian Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, and Microsoft president, Brad Smith, the president of the software company initiated the meeting and told the vice president how interested his company is to imbibe tech development dedicated to the Nigerian youths according to the federal government terms, which will promote further productivity among the African youths.

In 2020 Google also revealed its plan to establish its first launch pad outside the territory of its host country, the USA, to be stationed in the most favorable commercial zone of Africa, Lagos, Nigeria.

Meanwhile, Facebook also stationed its African headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, to accomplish its plan to expand business operation across the sub-Saharan African region with Nigeria as its starting point.

The Nigeria Vice President noted the need for tackling the country’s most pressing issue – 70% of the Nigerian population is comprised of youths, and the productivity of these youths determines the level of progress enclosed with the future of the country.

“It seems to me that there is just a wave of general anger around the world, and people are generally impatient. Impatient with government, impatient with practically all of the formal structures there are.” Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s opinion during the virtual meeting with Microsoft Corp. “But I am open and happy to hear what views there might be on trying to engage and engage even more with young people (and in our case, that is 70% of our population, if not more). So, we are talking not just about the youth population but the Nigerian populace because that is the majority.”

The Nigerian population has greatly increased over time. Still, it poses a threat to the country’s advancement since the less-productive youths are increasing rapidly. The time is right for the government to start deploying necessary technology-based amenities since there has been a significant shift towards the tech industry.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo also noted how productive Microsoft had been overtime, channeling all its resources to attain a standardized technology infrastructure in Nigeria that once resulted in the African Development Centre stationed in Lagos. “Beginning with the African Development Centre, which I think is excellent, I think it shows the commitment of Microsoft in developing the digital center here in Nigeria.”

Yemi Osinbajo tried to comprehend the amount of investment the software company is willing to inject in the African-Nigerian technology economy” Microsoft can be a much more effective partner with us as a country.”

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