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The World’s Biggest Porn Site Now Accepts Cryptocurrency


Porn hub accepts Verge.

A year ago, Pornhub one the biggest porn sites, they implemented an HTTPS encryption, which makes it safer for users to click without being snooped on. Last fall, it introduced a suite of accessibility features for its blind and visually impaired users. And now, it began accepting Verge, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency.

Adult entertainment streaming site Pornhub has announced its partnership with cryptocurrency Verge (XVG) and will now accept the coin as payment for Pornhub Premium and all Pornhub purchases, according to a press release published.

Verge cryptocurrency is anonymity-focused, which is why Pornhub executives say they chose it over other potential partners. It should be noted that anyone can view Verge cryptocurrency transactions through its public ledger, but it uses the anonymity tool Tor and an anonymous network layer I2P to hide specific transactions’ IP addresses and locations. Since public ledgers often have their downfalls in protecting anonymity, users also choose to hide on Verge cryptocurrency private ledger.

Verge cryptocurrency has been pretty volatile, like other popular digital coins. Last December, when most digital currencies were on the rise, Verge cryptocurrency hit nearly $0.22 per coin but has since dropped back down. On the heels of this announcement today, it rose to about 10 cents per coin, which is still low compared to more popular digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Pornhub’s website promoted a partnership with a short YouTube video, titled “The Future Has Cum,” of a futuristic dialogue in the year 2077 between a grandfather and his grandson about how Verge became the currency of the world:

The introduction to the video notes that “building on Verge’s core values of security, anonymity and practicality, the introduction of this cryptocurrency as a means of payment Pornhub signifies an important foray into the future from the industry that is always on the cutting edge of technology.

Pornhub Vice President Corey Price said in the press release that “not only is this an exciting announcement for us and the adult entertainment industry, it’s exciting for the crypto space”:

“History has proven that the adult entertainment industry plays a critical role in adoption for innovative technology. We saw that with VHS, Betamax, credit card payment icons and, most recently, VR goggles. We expect to see widespread adoption of crypto and blockchain in short order.

Price’s words echo that of the fictional grandfather, who says in the Pornhub-Verge promotional video that “when Pornhub starting accepting Verge, it was only a matter of time before everyone else caught on. The future had finally come.”

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