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At TechBooky , we respect the privacy of subscribers/users and we will ensure that all customer data is secure. Conversations about accounts will only be between TechBooky  and the customer with no third party involvement. We may contact you in future for advertisements from other companies via our network. This advertisement is subject to customer approval.

Security: At TechBooky , your personal information is secured by industry-recognised standards including 24/7 monitoring of our database, encryption, firewalls, security and constant inspections. It is our policy that only authorised employees can access customer data. TechBooky  will never ask you for information update or password reset via third party channels. You can manage your passwords on our customer portal.

Confirmations: At TechBooky , we will send you a confirmation email whenever you send us information or whenever you update your information. We will share your information with those affiliates you designate. We may share your purchase information with our affiliates in order to customize our services. If you prefer not to share, you can opt out immediately on our website.

Information Sharing: We do not disclose your personal information to third parties except as legally required. TechBooky  agents and other relevant partners may require some customer information for service provision only and not for any other purpose. Other third parties, when disclosure is legally required or in order to apply or enforce our rights, including fraud protection and credit risk reduction. We may also disclose information to protect the rights, property or safety of TechBooky , our customers and others. The purchaser, in the event of a change of TechBooky  ownership where the business does not materially change and the purchase continues to service your account. TechBooky  has sister companies as well as partners whose site you may be redirected to occasionally. We have reviewed the privacy policy of these other companies and they are in line with ours. There may be services that TechBooky  does not offer currently that may be provided by our partners; it is only in this case that we will redirect you to other sites. Unless you give explicit permission, TechBooky  has a strict policy against sharing or selling of personal information.

Privacy Policy Changes: We will communicate any changes in these policies to our customers within 30 days.


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