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How To Make Remote Interaction Easy With Unified Communication


The principal aim of every business is to lead its competitors and establish a stronghold in the market. With make this possible, it needs to maximize its productivity and also get the most out of all the resources it employs. Every business knows that it may be moved forward better to better performance and great success only by increasing its efficiency in all aspects and departments. In the business world or technology that has always contributed to making work more accessible. Not only easier even faster and efficient. It has helped companies to cut their costs with optimized work processes and assisted in the smooth running of all operations. Technology plays an important role in the unified communication process as well. Usually, the technology advancement that has provided great options for the business. These options to connect with their clients and for the employees to communicate with their co-worker all over the world. As a business are realizing and efficient in communications is the key to their overall efficiency.

This technology has given birth to a large number of communication devices. These are distinct and work independently of each other. There appeared to a barrier in unified communication between people using different tools and media. Furthermore, through an ever-evolving technological architecture that called unified interface, and impossible has become possible. It is also integrated and automated wide-ranging communication application and devices that create a single and comprehensive environment. Such as solution includes different forms and media such as telephone, voicemail, email, fax, white-boarding, audio, video and web conferencing or instant messaging. So connecting with one another that has become simplified and faster as all these communication methods. These are available in one simplified environment.

Interactive communication:

Advancement in technology that has brought about many changes in the way of people and business firms communicate. Several countries are base for corporate firms that are located far apart from each other. Maintain their business relationship and these firms can make use of unified communication solutions. With the help of this fantastic technology, corporate firms that can make active interactive sitting with their associates, peers, customers using many tools. These integrated communication suits help to users in eliminating costs as well as time-related to business travel.

Attempting to lead the way in the global fight against rising carbon emission that causes by industrial activities. Usually, corporate firms are looking for some cost-effective ways to reduce their carbon footprints to help the environment. In this regard and unified communication firms to liaise with other enterprises located in any part of the globe without traveling. This reduces the carbon emission levels and earns the companies carbon credits that would be used for expanding the business.

Unified communication and collaboration are ideal for an interacting with vendors and clients in real-time. Users may share video audio files, application, desktop, presentation, keynote speeches, and documents, etc. with associates while using the collaboration tools that integrated. With sharing, participants may also make significant changes as well as modify with those documents. With the help of web meetings, presentations that can plan more effectively and recorded to review later.

By integrating with multiple media and unified communication solution negate the disadvantaged businesses. It may suffer due to geographical separation. Companies and employees may communicate unhindered and smoothly to foster relationships with their customers and colleagues. More advanced conferencing tools have made it easy to hold virtual meetings, and these areas are engaging with efficient and productive as an on-site meeting. The business enjoys the added advantages of saving on the traveling costs and time. So, the solution can be customized to the user demands or preferences. An attractive feature is that the users enjoy a high degree of control as they are free to select that how and when they would be available for communicating with others.

Reduces The Chances of Missing Out Any Business Opportunity

Unified communication is not a single product but combo of many tools and features. The elements of unified communication are here:

Presence: it gives information about the online presences of any individual. It acts as the status indicator. This is very important because it enables you to know whether a person is available to answer your call or not.

Instant message: A text chat. Easy to send a text a person if he/she is available online and get an immediate reply from the other end.

Unified messaging: it allows you to store all sorts of the message in a single inbox. That means whether the word is an audio or video message. All of them may be stored at a single location.

Click to dial: usually, it allows to telephone the company to inquire about any product or service or to report. Regarding any issue in the functionality of the system. , this also helps to get instant response from the other side.

Mobility: clubbing unified communication, hosted PBX like Coztel enables you to go mobile. That’s means if you are not on your desk and call is meant for you, so the call can be transferred to your home phone or cell phone wherever you are bound and can answer it from there.

Online transaction: it’s all about like internet banking, e-commerce, m-commerce and web browsing, etc. it is also made via unified communications.

Conferencing/ collaboration: in real time conferencing is provided, includes audio, video and web conferencing. The partnership involves sharing workplace files and documents etc.

One number: only have to maintain a single number and may get an unlimited number of extensions: from there to various desks. So, wherever you are, only one name is needed to connect you. This reduces the overhead of dialing multiple numbers even waiting for the call and easy to communicate with anyone.

Personal Assistant: this process that provides filtering of messages and lets a user navigate via their contacts, calendars, schedules, etc.

Advanced calling features:  it serves and allows you to gain the advantages of the latest calling features like call return, call hunt, call transfer, call parking, etc.

To exchange the information and ideas effectively, this is very important to develop an appropriate communication infrastructure. With this regard, UC plays a vital role in streamlining the communication process. This platform basically, offers various multimedia tools that are used in the business environment to transfer information efficiently. The most important factor of this solution is that the corporates can quickly bring their clients, associates, and employees closer and collaborate effectively.

Almost every call counts and you can gain or lose a business opportunity based on the call. Every business firm aims to reduce its chances of being unavailable to the user whenever it needed. For providing best and quicker customer response and maintain a seamless communication channel. You can rarely miss out any business deal, and you need unified communication. This is the integration of all the real time and non-real time connections offer device-independent media independent access to business communication from anywhere or anytime.

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