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Best Technique To Restore MDF File To Different Database


Looking for a way to restore MDF file to different database? If Yes! Then we have the best solution for you.

MS SQL Server database is the most advanced and organized RDBMS which maintains data integrity in secured mode. It has mainly two types of database files to store its information. The MDF file also known as primary database files which contains the main data of the database, that’s why the importance of MDF files is beyond description. Sometimes, SQL users want to restore MDF file to different database. Since this is a fragile matter, many users find it difficult to perform this restoration process by themselves. Besides, many users do not know how to move MDF file to another database. 

So if you are also such a user who needs a solution for how to restore MDF file to different database. Then this platform is the right place to overcome such circumstances. Here, you will get the best possible solution to move MDF file to database. Read the complete post and restore the MDF file effortlessly.


Simplest Way to Restore MDF File to Different Database

If you want a quick solution to move MDF file to another database, then you can take the help of an Enterprise-Grade Level professional SQL Recovery tool. The software is compatible with MDF files created in any version of SQL Server such as SQL Server 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, and below versions. 

Also, by using this utility user can easily restore corrupt SQL MDF file to different database. The graphical user interface of this tool is very simple and easy to use, that a novice user also uses it without any hassle.


Step by step guide to restore MDF file to different database

Step 1. Download and Run the application on your machine and click on the Open to add the SQL MDF file.

Step2. Choose Quick scan mode or Advance scan mode and select the SQL Server version of .mdf file either manually or automatically. Click the OK button.

Step 3. Preview the data items of MDF file and then click on the Export button to restore MDF to different database.

Step 4. Now, select the export to SQL Server database option and fill the export details accordingly. Select the required data from the Export Window, and finally hit the Export button to begin the restoration process.


Features of MDF Database Recovery Tool

  • A simple and easy to use interface for non-technical users.
  • Recover data from corrupt or damaged database files and export to the SQL Server Database.
  • Supports to repair both primary and secondary database files.
  • Shows a preview of recovered data items like tables, functions, triggers, stored procedures, etc.
  • Displays preview of deleted database objects and table records in red color.
  • Recover deleted objects of SQL Server database.


Concluding words

Nowadays, most of the users are querying about how to restore MDF file to different database. However, there is no manual method available that a user can use to do the same. Thus, to achieve this task in a seamless manner, a third-party tool named Emaildoctor SQL Recovery is suggested. The user can easily use this utility to perform this restoration process without any risk of data loss.

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