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After A Trio Of 10TB Storage Drives, Seagate Launches 60TB SSD Storage For Businesses


It’s been less than a month since Seagate announced a trio of 10TB hard drives that caught the attention of the tech world. At a cost of $535 for the 10TB Barracuda Pro, you may need to make a good personal tech budget to enjoy it. Today though, the company is out with yet another product and this time it’s a 60TB solid-state drive (SSD) meant for businesses. It’s released as an addition to the company’s data center portfolio for organisations. If you think 10TB of single storage is big then think of a capacity six times that and honestly, I haven’t come across an individual who needs that much storage even for movies. To break it down further, with 60TB of storage here’s what a Business Wire post says you can do with it; store up to 12,000 DVD movies or 400 million photos.

“The 60TB SAS SSD also simplifies the configuration process of accommodating “hot” and “cold” data, enabling data centers to use the same enterprise HDD 3.5 inch storage form factor. This eliminates the added step of separating out different types of data for near-term availability versus long-term storage — largely based on estimations or best-guesses of future data usage. Instead, data centers can rely on an SSD that helps address their need to quickly accommodate and ensure accessibility of ever-increasing large amounts of data without having to add additional servers or incorporate additional management steps. And, because of the drive’s flexible architecture, it also provides a pathway for data centers to easily grow from the current 60TB capacity to accommodate 100TB of data or more in the future — and all in the same form factor.”

With this announcement, Seagate has created the single largest storage in the world. The device will be available from 2017 and only a demo version is available at the moment.

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