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Essential Work From Home Tech Tools For File Sharing


You can find several tech tools and file-sharing software online in the marketplace. All of them have a varying level of functionality with different price points. It is tough to decide the best available file-sharing platform for your needs. Keep in mind that most file-sharing websites will offer you free account alternatives with drag and drop features. However, most businesses have to invest in tiered plans for this purpose. Some of these tools act as document storage hubs while others concentrate on reassuring the transfer of files from one place to another. Here are some good options.


Google Drive

A lot of users are familiar with using Google Drive as they get access to the 15 GB free storage option from this platform together with file-sharing space to back up personal files. It helps the companies to select this platform for minimizing the learning curve for their employees. You also get automatic file syncing and you can link all your devices to this account. All changes you make are saved automatically. You can set up permissions for viewing and editing while others out of your business may also be invited to download, view, and collaborate. There is no need for an email attachment. It is easily possible to organize images, documents, spreadsheets, and other files. Even when you have some trouble in finding a file you get an integrated search feature, by using which Google can assist you.


Microsoft OneDrive

This is one of the more popular file-sharing services and several people are already using it without being aware of it. OneDrive from Microsoft is excellent file management software that is capable of hosting in the excess of 270 file types. It is used by Microsoft as a part of its suite offering online services. When you are using one of Microsoft’s services over the internet you will find OneDrive offering 5 GB storage space completely free of charge. Although this is not much even for independent users let alone organizational users, there is the alternative for using OneDrive for business as it is a managed cloud storage that will replace SharePoint. All your files can either be shared from your on-premise server or you can buy a cloud-based subscription from MS for this.



EfileCabinet is regarded widely as scalable software that is developed to be affordable for your business. This software permits customized workflow automation, documentation approval, organizing and sharing files by using a real-time dashboard, and it will integrate with other business-related software such as Office, Intuit, and Salesforce. Due to the data governance, you can make sure that your data is safe and template directories can help in managing your files easily. Similar to other platforms its mobile functionality is a breeze. Its users are gushing about how much time, cash, and space they have saved by using this tool.


Many businesses often have to place more emphasis on creativity and it means they have to transfer large unzipped files than compared to the conventional files such as Word documents or spreadsheets. Web developers, voiceover talent, graphic designers, videographers, design engineers, and others that are responsible for creating large files are going to need an additional boost. WeTransfer is already in use for its simple file sharing abilities. However, the tool has expanded its platform to a range of tools that are useful in the entire creative process. They have a pro upgrade that permits the users to spend around 20GB in a single transfer.



Keep in mind that several of these platforms have some limitations. Therefore it is a good idea to take into consideration the unique business requirements before you make a buying decision. Several businesses conclude that they are going to need an ECM or Enterprise Content Management system for organizing all their data. Many times various businesses have to maintain all their data organized and optimize their operational efficiency by automating several processes that are related to their business documentation. They will need the tool to have capabilities that will go beyond conventional file storage and sharing functions. You can also take help from professionals while selecting the right tool. They can weigh in your unique situation to suggest the right alternative.

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