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This Site Teaches You How To Code While Playing A Really Fun Game

Paul Balo

By now you may be used to names like Code Academy for learning how to code and honestly sites like that have taught a lot of people how to code in different languages. While this process may be interesting to some, to others it’s demanding and monotonous. But now, there’s a site out there that aims to make this process really fun. All you need to be interested in is gaming.

CodingGame is a platform that lets you code by playing an in-browser shooting game. The idea is for you to enter commands to defeat enemies who are on the offensive. Like other online coding platforms, they have a range of languages from C++ to PHP. According to a statement on their website, solving this puzzle helps you understand how the puzzles work on CodinGame (standard input parsing, game loop, writing to the standard output). You can discover the platform with this simple exercise of basic comparison of values and try up to 25 programming languages.

Once you get started and choose the language you wish to improve your skills at, expect to see a different game which means its different challenges.

From comments on this online, it looks like as much as it sounds fun, the website features mostly people who already have some basic knowledge of prgramming and it makes sense because, how would you know what command to type in to fend of attacks if you have no idea in the first place. So even if you think your time on sites like Code Academy is not going well, it looks like you may have to catch the basic knowledge there first before playing the game of the coders. They have multi player features by the way too. Enjoy learning while having fun.

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