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Here Are Top 10 Smart Home Myths Debunked


Smart homes are increasingly becoming ubiquitous. With the level of comfort and flair they offer and the advent of high-speed internet, their popularity is not that surprising.

If you are still wondering whether adopting a smart lifestyle is the best way to go about it, then we are here to convince you why you should. If you have some concerns regarding it since there are a lot of myths circulating, then we are here to clarify those as well.

Let us tell you about some of the most weirdest assumptions you are going to hear regarding smart homes:

You Need To Be a Tech Nerd

One of the mainstream myths about home automation is that people think they will be living in a futuristic home with gadgets and gizmos literally everywhere, thus they need to require lots about technology.

Most of the smart devices that you will install in your home require a mere touch of a button in order to work. Furthermore, thanks to the smartphones in your hands, you can control most of them with a tap of a finger or a voice command in case you have a virtual assistant.

Smart Home devices are not that difficult to install either. Many of them start working as soon as you connect them via an internet connection. Devices that do require a thorough installation process, come with a instruction manual and a professional staff that does the installation for you.

It Is Way Too Expensive

Another big deciding factor in home automation is its cost. People are reluctant to go for it simply because they think it is going to be expensive. Instead of costing you a fortune, it is actually a pathway to savings.

You do not need to get every single gadget in your home right away. You can simply start by adding virtual assistants such as Alexa to help you get the feel of it and gradually you can add more stuff. Imagine how your electricity will go down once you start controlling your lights and air conditioner right from your smartphone.

It Is Merely a Craze

You might be thinking that that spending on home automation is just a way to present yourself as fancy. However, in reality, you will be making your lives significantly convenient and more efficient. You will be able to save on utility bills, prevent wastage of resources, and perform everyday tasks with just a touch of the screen.

You Compromise On Privacy in a Smart Home

You may still be concerned about giving up your privacy in a connected home, and you have all the right to be concerned. However, the thing is, you could still enjoy the luxury of a smart home without compromising on privacy.

Your two points of concern are audio and video, and if you eliminate these, your privacy stays intact. Simply avoid unnecessary cameras and microphones inside your home and you would stay safe from cyber threats. Moreover, Wi-Fi and internet connection these days come with security suites that protect your data and privacy.

You will need Complete Remodeling

Turning your home into a smart home doesn’t require complete remodeling if that is what are thinking.  In fact, by adopting a smart home, you can make some subtle improvements without incurring huge costs.

You can go through this process on a gradual basis. Maybe start off with a virtual assistant, then move on to smart lights, then smart appliances, and more. The process might take some time, but it won’t make that deep a hole in your pocket.

It Will Require Frequent Upgrades

You don’t need to worry about updating your smart home on a regular basis. The concept behind a smart home is to turn it into a futuristic home. Thus, devices are already designed to serve their purpose for a long time in the future.

It Is Only Meant For Bigger Homes

You don’t need to have a mansion to incorporate smart technology; it is not meant for bigger homes only. Home of all shapes and sizes can make use of smart technology and gain loads of benefits. Simply adding a virtual assistant can add loads of convenience alone.

All Your Devices Will Magically Start To Work Together

People mostly think that by just getting the best internet packages and the latest devices, they can convert their home into a smart one. In reality, however, you need to do thorough research before you create the perfect setup for yourself. You need to consider things such as cross-compatibility, range issues, and home requirements before you find the perfect system.

It Is Unreliable

You might also be worried that you might lose control over your home if things start to malfunction, creating chaos within your home. However, the reality is far from it. Most of the devices in a smart home have a failsafe built right into them to prevent such chaos.

Summing It Up

Turning your home into a smart home is definitely a big change and it takes some time to become used to it. However, we are confident that we have convinced you regarding its benefits Feel free to browse through the web thoroughly though before you make your decision. Check out devices, their cost reviews, how they can benefit you and then make a purchase. Don’t go overboard though!

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