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This Nigerian start up promises to solve a major start up challenge


Brandfundr is a fundraising platform which aims to provide users the ability to raise funds for projects ranging from non profit to big businesses. If you’re conversant with crowd funding, then this shouldn’t sound strange to you. Basically, you pitch an idea and they in turn show this idea to big names and brands.

When you sign up with your idea, brands browse through to see what ideas they may be interested in funding.

The major difference between this platform and the regular crowd funding platforms you know about is that this one deals primarily with brands. The aim is to connect you directly with people and organisations who can take your idea(s) to the next level. It’s important because most brands already have a loyal customer/client base and your idea stands to benefit greatly from their vast resources. Right now, the message on the front page of the site says “we are building the world’s first fundraising platform exclusively powered by brands”. So there you have it, you can key in your email and have them keep you updated.

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