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UBA Deploys The Service Of A Chat Bot Via Messenger


A Chabot, called Leo has been introduced by the United Bank for Africa to foster banking transactions via users’ social media accounts.

Jumia deployed the use of chatbot sometime last year in collaboration with Facebook to boost sales. It’s only logical that other institutions which wish to have a banging record in profits would do likewise. With the use of bots, customers can be attended to 24/7, without the company having to worry about employers’ pay cheques or public holidays when employees have to take the day off. In the long run, therefore, it’s more cost-efficient.

Notably, the chatbot is currently available on Facebook messenger and existing customers can receive instant transaction notifications, check the balances, carry out transactions, top up their mobile phones with airtime and even open new accounts without having to visit a branch.

This move is a brilliant innovation which brings us closer to an end to the episode of congested banking halls which will ease customers’ transaction problems. With everything going digital, it has become a necessity to deploy various strategies to make life much easier and guarantee humans a complete safety in business transactions.

Speaking at the launch of the new chatbot service, the Group Managing Director, UBA, Mr. Kennedy Uzoka said:

The formulation of this product is consistent with the bank’s customer-first philosophy, where we are doing things not the way we like, but exactly what the customers want, where they want it, and in the exact platform they want… And so, we have been working with technology giants from around the world because for the UBA with so many customers, we have to deal with those who have the global capacity. Therefore, we at the UBA, have collaborated with Facebook to come up with this. In future, Leo will show up with other platforms. All you need do is to have an account on Facebook.”

He spoke further, assuring the users of guaranteed safety on transactions carried out via the bot. Quite similar to the mobile transaction, a One Time Password, will be generated on the registered phone number of the account for every transaction. With this in place, hackers cannot track a user’s details should they be granted access.

The chatbot, Leo will be able to work around the clock and provide feedback instantly to users and will proffer solutions if any arise, from the users’ viewpoint. Mr. Uzoka said further that no special skills are needed to operate on the platform. The chatbot is simply a virtual banker who uses artificial intelligence to address customers’ needs, similar to the attention they would get at any designated branch.

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