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Bring Back Our CEO ? More Than 1,000 Uber Employees Have Signed A Petition For Travis Kalanick To Come Back


Just days after Travis Kalanick resigned as the CEO of Uber, more than one thousand Uber employees have signed a letter to the company’s board asking that the former CEO return to the company in an “operational role”. This they say is critical to the future of the company he helped build into one of the biggest startup wonders of all time. It isn’t just them as one of the venture capital investors in Uber is echoing the same sentiment which could be the start of the return of Travis Kalanick to Uber.

The letter which is a result of a petition that started circulating yesterday has now been signed by at least 10 percent of the ride hailing company’s employees who had to log in to a Google Doc using their Uber Ids.

See a copy of the letter below;

Board of Directors —

I’m writing to you today ahead of your scheduled meeting to share the thoughts of over 1,100 full-time Uber employees (and counting) who vehemently disagree with Travis’ resignation as CEO and the associated pressure placed on him to do so by investors and board members alike.

In less than 12 hours, these employees have expressed their belief that Travis should return to Uber in an operational role. This magnitude of a response was unexpected and should not be ignored. What started as simple note to my closest co-workers turned into a petition spanning hundreds of offices and teams, and has yet to be seen by a majority of employees.

As the folks who’ve actually worked alongside Travis for years to help create Uber from nothing, we are extremely disappointed by the short-sightedness and pure self-interest demonstrated by those who are supposed to protect the long-term interests of our company.

Yes, Travis is flawed, as we all are. But his passion, vision, and dedication to Uber are simply unmatched. We would not be here today without him, and believe he can evolve into the leader we need. He is critical to our future success.

We await your response and look forward to Travis’ return in an operational role.

Uber was founded in 2009 and is now valued at about $70b. This all happened under the leadership of Travis Kalanick which some think was to aggressive and sacrificed corporate conduct on the altar of rapid growth.

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