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Effective Virtual Reality Apps Which Changed the Way of Learning


Modern technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) has brought a paradigm shift in the educational industry. The way students learn their lessons in the classroom have totally changed, now teachers have modern and effective tools that have a great impact on the minds of their students. 

Almost 74% of educators said that technology is key which helped them explore their classroom content in a better way and it’s is a motivational tool whereas 73% of teachers appreciated different learning styles and more than 69% said modern technology helped them to do more for their students. (Source)

According to Statista, the market size of Augmented and Virtual Reality is around 16.8 billion U.S. dollars which are expected to grow and reach 160 billion U.S. dollars by 2021. Each and every sector are influenced by VR/AR technologies and the educational industry is not an exceptional one.

What is Virtual Reality Technology?

Virtual Reality can be described as a three-dimensional computer-generated environment that can be experienced and interacted by any of the individuals. The person who is using VR App becomes a part of the virtual world, they can immerse themselves within the environment. They can also manipulate various objects with the help of the app and can perform a series of actions. 

With the help of VR apps, students can take a virtual tour in and can visually see all the events in front of them. VR technology offers endless benefits to the learners as well as the educational sector hence it has gained huge popularity in a short time span. The hardware segment of the Virtual Reality (VR) market in the United States was 130 million U.S. dollars in 2016.

How Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) is Beneficial for Learning Sector? 

No one these days like to learn a boring chapter about Ancient Rome in the books instead of learning it students will surely like to have a virtual tour of an ancient Roman. Now all this has become possible for the students due to the advent of various Virtual Reality (VR) app using which they can experience their lessons and can understand it in a better way than ever before.  

During a survey, more than 63% of students agreed that digital learning helps them to understand and remember their lesson in a better way. Using Various VR applications they can prepare easily and quickly for their classes. This advanced apps have revolutionized learning by allowing students to learn their lessons in an immersive and experiential way. 

List of Various Virtual Reality Apps

Almost 56% of parents think that technology usage in the educational system is extremely important for students. Hence most of the schools, colleges, and the University have adopted modern technology with open hands, they are using various VR apps that allow students to explore the human brain, board the Titanic, take a tour around the world, and much more. 

Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush was developed by Skillman & Hackett and was launched in September 2014. Tilt Brush application is designed for 6DoF motion interfaces with the use of virtual reality technology. Now students need not have to deal with traditional art materials as Tilt Brush allows them to create 3D paintings. 

Students can do the Painting using a large palette of dynamic brushes which is offered by this app. This app can be viewed using HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Google VR, it also offers a variety of interfaces and different option to share artworks to the students, they can share their artwork either in large scale masterpieces or in the form of animated gifs.

Titans of Space

Using this app you can easily teach the students about the solar system. Titans of Space is a cutting edge VR product that has all the facts about space and stars, voice-overs and scored music which helps students to get in-depth knowledge about various planets and stars in the galaxy. 

This app comes with entertaining visuals and great music hence it makes learning more exciting for students. They can actually view how the planets shrunk down hundreds of years ago and how this galaxy was found. This app comes with a variety of options you can easily choose any of the options as per your preference and can customize the tour as per your student’s requirements. Titans of Space uses various VR devices such as the HTC Vive, Monitor, and Oculus Rift.

Discovery VR

Everyone likes to view the Discovery Channel to gain in-depth knowledge related to science, animals, and planets. This Channel was only one source to get science-related knowledge for almost 30 years. But now thanks to modern technology using which developers have invented various apps like uber to meet the demand of the present generation. Various apps are used by users these days and educational apps are one of them. Using these educational app learners can easily explore natural locations and gain in-depth knowledge about planets and stars in an effective way. 

Discovery VR app allows you to Choose various things shows such as DNews Labs, Discovery Atlas, Discovery Presents, etc. Once you choose any of the available options you can easily get all the information regarding that particular topic. Apart from using Google Cardboard, students can also watch Discovery VR 360 videos on their PC or desktop with a compatible browser. 

King Tut VR

King Tut VR apps have completely changed the way of teaching, using this app, teachers can easily teach their students about the accident era. You can take your students on a 360-degree tour of the world-renowned tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh King Tutankhamun. You can visually show them how this tomb was discovered in 1922. 

King Tut VR app allows students to have deep knowledge about the Death Mask of Tutankhamun, they can get each and every piece of information with the help of this advanced app. They can also learn many things and know more about Ancient Egypt.

Few Taglines

Students can easily get all the educational details with the various apps developed using VR technology. Apart from the above-discussed apps, there are few more VR apps Such as ThingLink, ChangeMyPath, Ahhaa, Simulanis, Study Marvel, Anatomyou, and InMind VR 2 which are used by various learners for getting in-depth knowledge. 

Using all these educational apps students can easily travel to history to gain more information about the accident world or can create art. All these apps have revolutionized the way students learn and have made learning more interesting and interactive for them.

Author Bio:

Manoj Rupareliya is the Online Marketing Expert and Blogger. He is an experienced writer with expertise in the field of technology, blockchain, crypto, AI, Digital Marketing and SEO. All the blogs he writes are aimed at providing credible help and insights for readers who want to stay updated all the time.

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