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Web Programming In Python: Why Is It The Most Preferred Choice For Small Businesses?


For a long time, Python is making a good impact on business applications and enhancing productivity by allowing us to apply the logic and introduce our own concepts without taking much extra efforts in writing the code.

One of the Python’s important benefit is reusability of components which allows developers to develop readable and clean code. Python is highly scalable and flexible also; it is simple to use which makes it popular among developers.

When python was introduced, its key purpose was not to develop web applications. That is the reason we don’t find inbuilt web development capabilities of python. Day by day with the community developers developing python, it’s frameworks especially Django will manage the development applications.

There are multiple reasons why the Python Django framework is a good choice for small businesses. In this article, we will discuss why Python is great choice for startup and small businesses so you will get idea why it is important to do Python Certification Course.


Top Reasons Why Small Business Owners Prefer Django over Other Web Frameworks

1) Written in Python

Django is one of the most important frameworks of Python which allows developers to develop and build web apps without writing any additional code. It is the most popular and useful framework of Python. In fact it makes it easier for developers to maintain the developed apps by keeping the code base readable and very clean. Along with allowing programmers to write less coding lines, Django also helps them to keep website elements in maintained form.

2) Supports MVC Patterns

There are so many frameworks that support MVC pattern and Django is one of them. MVC Pattern helps businesses to enhance the development speed of complex web apps by keeping separate their UI and Business logic layers. Django has ability to implement MVC patterns in a unique way. With Django, developers can handle templates while taking care of controllers which means that there is no need of developers to focus on interaction between model and view. One needs to map the model, observe and template to a particular URL.

3) Built-in Template System

In addition to supporting MVC patterns, Django also offers a built-in template system. The template system allows programmers and developers to keep the codebase maintainable by putting separate HTML and Python code. one can use the template system for containing HTML code in templates and Python code in views. Afterward, Django permits developers to connect the templates and views via Django template language or render functions.

4) strong Security Features

Python is the more secure language compare to other popular programming languages. Django framework helps small businesses to increase the security of their websites as well as web apps by preventing various security attacks such as XSS, CSRF and clickjacking. Python developers can develop the web application to exchange data in a secure way with the webserver using Django. As new versions of Django are coming into the market, they are coming with multiple numbers of new security features.

5) Customizable and Scalable

Among all the web frameworks of python, Django is considered as more flexible and scalable than others. Django allows users to customize web apps according to specific business requirements. The customization facility helps developers to build web applications according to changing business needs. At the other side, businesses can use Python Django to build website that can handle over 300 to 400 million users at the same time without investing into any additional resources.



I am Gayatri, the Technical content writer at NearLearn Pvt Ltd.  NearLearn is the best educational institute and is the fastest growing  machine learning training institute in Bangalore, India. We are  providing India’s best Machine Learning, Blockchain, Python,  Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Data Science, React-native,  ReactJS, and Digital Marketing Trainings.

Name: Gayatri Londhe
Email: gayatri@nearlearn.com
Company: NearLearn

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