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will.i.am launches smartwatch


Today is the big day for pop star turned tech entrepreneur will.i.am. He’s finally unveiling his mysterious smartwatch, a new piece of wearable technology that he has been teasing for months.
Last month, will.i.am spoke about the current generation of wearable technology, and he didn’t exactly shower praise on the latest efforts from Apple and Samsung. Instead, he declared that they’re “not the future.”

So is will.i.am’s new smartwatch the future? If it is, then the future of wearables looks incredibly bleak. Here’s why.

The Launch Has Already Been Delayed By Four Months
will.i.am has been teasing his new wearable device for months, and the release date has kept slipping back. The first time we saw the device was in April, when will.i.am claimed that it would be released in July, after missing its planned June launch.

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