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I Recently Bought The Xqisit oE4000 Headphone And Here’s A Review


It hasn’t been that long since Apple shook the world by removing the 3.5mm headphone jack from their iPhones. Recently we have also noticed this happening to Android smartphones as well. And people don’t really look at it as a negative side anymore.

There’s also no reason for it. Because of that brave decision by Apple, the sales of wireless headphones have skyrocketed. This has of course improved the wireless quality but also made them much more affordable. The Xqisit oE4000 is the perfect example of that.


The oE400’s are over the ear headphones, which means that they cover your entire ear. Do not mistake these with on ear headphones, which just sit on top of your ear. Usually these are the most comfortable type of headphones you can use for a long period of time. At least I really like them.

The build quality of these headphones is kind of mediocre. But considering the price of them, it’s still pretty good. Then again the design is kind of basic and there’s really nothing that makes them stand out. Then again that might be a positive side for some.

Unlike the new high end wireless headphones, the Xqisit oE400 still comes with physical buttons. So no fancy swiping on the surface to switch songs or change the volume. I wouldn’t call this a bad thing. Again, you get what you are paying for and physical buttons are fine.

If there’s one thing I want to point out, about the design, is that the faux leather can make your skin sweat after a while. But that also depends on the temperature around you etc. There shouldn’t be any problems in a colder environment.

Besides the headphones, you also get a faux leather pouch that you can store them in. Xqisit has also included a 3.5mm audio jack in case you should run out of battery. And of course it also includes a USB charging cable. Nothing fancy but it includes all of the necessary accessories.


It’s always great to have wireless headphones with a noise cancellation feature. Especially when you are using them on a plane or even inside a loud office. And here’s exactly where the Xqisit oE400 headphones shine.

It’s very rare that you get noise cancellation on headphones in this price range. Especially one that actually works. Obviously it’s not as good as on the high end Bose and Sony headphones. However the advertised 25 dB noise reduction is more than enough. I have been using them as gym headphones for quite some time now and they even manage to block out the background music. However, I want to point out that the noise cancellation only works during wireless mode.

The most important aspect about wireless headphones is the battery life. According to Xqisit, the oE400 headphones should last around 15 hours of continuous play. It’s pretty accurate. I manage to get around that amount as well. This is also pretty decent for wireless headphones in this price range. Sure the high end models can reach 30 hours but 15 is still more than enough. I only wish that they had added some battery indicator as well. I’d like to know how much battery life there’s still left.

However the main indicator of how good headphones really are is the audio quality. And while I normally listen to music with more expensive headphones, I was still pretty satisfied with the Xqisit oE400’s. They work really well with bass heavy music, especially EDM and modern rap. I don’t really have any complaints.


Despite their being hundreds of different wireless headphones available, it’s still pretty difficult to find one with noise cancellation for under $100. And that’s exactly what makes the Xqisit oE400 stand out. Yes it has a mediocre design and build quality, but they are lightweight and work just as advertised. Plus it has a decent audio quality and battery life. Which is why these are fantastic in a noisy office or even the gym. No, they aren’t sweat proof. But they will still last you for a long time before breaking.

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