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1 million activations for Apple pay in first three days


Remember the Apple Pay? Apple disappointed sceptics with the new Apple Pay reports yesterday in a Wall street journal Technology conference.

Apple’s new contactless payment system on the iPhone 6 saw 1 million activations in its first three days of use, pointing to an initially enthusiastic response from Apple users.

Apple CEO Tim Cook made this known at the conference. The CEO even said he uses it himself and now we’re hearing Alibaba (the Chinese Ecommerce giant which recently filed for an IPO in the US) is willing to collaborate with Apple on many fronts.

Apple Pay was released on the 20th of October. It allows users to make quick payments from their iPhone 6 at retailer payment points equipped with wireless NFC (near-field-communication) readers.

We can’t verify the number of retailers with such equipment in Africa and Nigeria especially but in the US, there are over 200,000.

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