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Press Release: Layer3 partners with global security leader to curb DDoS attacks


Layer3 partners with global security leader to curb DDoS attacks

Layer3, a leading network and security solutions provider, has been appointed by Arbor Networks as its Channel partner in West Africa.

Arbor Networks is a leading provider of network security and operational performance for global business networks and secures the world’s most demanding and complex networks from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and advanced threats.

Arbor Networks enable customers gain a micro view of their own network, through her suite of products, combined with a macro view of global Internet traffic and emerging threats, through her threat intelligence infrastructure.

This development is great news for the industry and businesses in Nigeria considering the significant growth in the amount and size of DDoS attacks and cyber security breaches. Last year, 20 percent of organizations globally reported attacks of various magnitudes.

The Akamai State of Security report states that there has been a 148.55% increase in total DDoS attacks between the last quarter in 2015 and 2014.

Additionally, in the last quarter of 2014 there was a 90% increase in total DDoS attacks compared to the last quarter of 2013. This trend shows a rapid increase in attacks due to the increase in complexity of the attacks.

The case isn’t any different in Nigeria especially with large organizations, service providers and data centers hosting web servers and other critical assets.

Recent reports of some local banks being hit by DDoS attacks further reinforces the need for more pro-active solutions that would help address this problem and protect our customers’ assets.

Oyaje Idoko, chief executive officer of Layer3, commented “As a specialist integrator of next-generation network and security solutions, we’re always looking for ways to keep our customers out of the security breach headlines by providing them with the threat prevention solution, visibility and reporting they need to achieve faster resolutions across their national and even global networks.

Our detect, resolve and protect approach to security gives our customers greater control over applications, devices and users and keeps them up to date with all the scenarios they’ve managed to avoid.”

According to Bryan Hamman, territory manager Sub Saharan Africa for Arbor Networks,” We are pleased to have Layer3 as our new Partner. The company distinguishes itself through its strong focus on innovation, network security and quality. Arbor also vigorously dedicates itself to these aspects, and is therefore eminently positioned to bring these solutions to the market. We are looking forward to a successful and fruitful collaboration.”

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