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Big Video Changes Coming To Twitter Soon


Video has come to be a really big part of social media whether live or otherwise. None of the big names want to be left out in this new race. Tumblr went live this week and twitter opened Periscope to all users. But that wasn’t enough for Twitter. Just like Facebook, the Twitter app will soon have a video only section where you can watch videos and related or suggested videos. This is the YouTube-like feature that Facebook introduced last year with the difference being that rather than see an advert  which you usually can skip in YouTube before the video, in Facebook just as you’re in the video mode, you’ll see ads pop up in between videos.

The coming soon videos only section which Twitter calls Watch Mode is not the only big change to Twitter as you know. Vine (the six seconds app) will now play up to 140 seconds. Apparently 140 may the magic number at Twitter – as par 140 character tweet style. Twitter has also said they won’t be introducing adverts at launch time but did not rule it out completely because come to think of it, the company needs all the revenue to turn some of its fortunes around. Even Twitter’s own video limit will no longer be 30 seconds but 140 seconds and there goes the magic number again.

Lastly, like Facebook and YouTube, Vine will collaborate with content creators and share advert revenue with them on 30-70 formula. This means that Twitter’s Vine gets 30 percent while creators take home the other 70 percent. To encourage them, Twitter is launching a separate app called Engage which is an analytics tool through which you can see performance of content and see how many times users engaged with your content.

In all, instead of users posting a YouTube or Instagram link in Vine for you to watch longer clips, Twitter wants you stay within its app to do just that. These are potentially bog changes for Twitter which could see more advert revenue from these changes.

Since Jack Dorsey came back as the CEO of Twitter, he has promised to bring real and big changes to the social media platform after a series of disappointing results. Could this be it? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Editor’s note: This was originally posted last week and as a result of the downtime we had, we are republishing this. We regret any inconveniences this may have caused. TechBooky is doing all in its power to reduce such incidents in future

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