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Google Is Inviting New Computer Science Graduates To A Networking Event


Are you graduating in 2017 from a university in Europe, the Middle East or Africa?

Are you planning to pursue a career as a software engineer?

Are you interested in learning what opportunities are available for you at Google?

Ever wanted to visit a Google office and hear directly from our engineers about the cutting edge products and projects they are working on?

If your answer to the questions above is yes then click here or on the image to register for Google’s Inside Look event holding in Poland and Switzerland in September this year. Application closes on the 24th of this month too.

Google Inside Look

Each Inside Look event will focus on products Googlers are developing in that office and will include a mix of tech talks, panels, hands-on workshops and – in true Google fashion – plenty of food and Google goodies according to Google.

It’s important to add that there are no guarantees of employment though but this could be a great experience for new graduates to learn new things and best practises in their fields.

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