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Seagate Launches A 10TB Hard Drive For Your Personal Storage


Seagate; the American data storage firm has unveiled a trio of 10TB hard drives. These are external drives that you can buy for extra storage and yes 10TB is quite big, cool and equally risky. Cool in the sense that you can have a ton of data saved to one single location and risky because what happens if you lost that drive or gets destroyed?

“BarraCuda Pro combines 10TB at 7200 RPM for outstanding performance, and includes power-saving features to help keep drive operating costs low, as well as a 5-year limited warranty for peace of mind…..Seagate pioneered surveillance purpose-built drives more than 10 years ago with Hikvision’s R&D team, and today they continue to lead and partner closely with us to develop surveillance storage solutions of the future,” said R&D director Mr. Chenghua Sun at Hikvision. “With the advances in camera technology from 4k to thermal to panoramic recording, Hikvision believes in Seagate’s technology to optimize storage for highest quality recordings and to ensure customer data is safe and secure.”

As good as this sounds however, the Barracuda Pro will cost you $535/192,000 Naira.

With high resolution images and videos comes a thirst for storage as well and so far this year, it looks like companies are bracing up for the storage hungry generation. SanDisk launched a 200GB MicroSD card in March which is now it’s biggest after its 128GB one and Samsung recently launched the world’s first removable UFS (Universal Flash Storage) with storage capacities of 32, 64, 124 and 256 gigabytes. UFS cards are five times faster than the MicroSD cards we are used to and are called the MicroSD of the future. This came as Samsung announced a business card sized 2TB external hard drive back in January this year as well. Fixstars announced the world’s first 13TB solid-state.

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