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9 Mobile Partners With Africa’s Talking To Empower SMEs With Programming Apps


The benefits of communication in a business cannot be overemphasized, especially in a growing economy. With an increasing demand for mobile technology to boost enterprises in Africa, Africa’s Talking limited has partnered with 9Mobile, former Etisalat to empower Small and Medium-scale Enterprises with access to Application Programming Interfaces, Punch reported.

Africa’s Talking Limited is a mobile technology company headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. The tech company is focused on providing excellent service for any technical solution over mobile, with keen emphasis on tech startups and SMEs. In line with their aim, the company is presently in collaboration with Nigeria’s 9mobile to boost the activities of Nigerian software developers and enabling the SMEs to efficiently engage customers across multiple channels. 

The Director, Digital Business, 9mobile,  Adia Sowho says that the collaboration of 9mobile’s infrastructure and Africa’s Talking API platoon will create a bang in their sales through effective marketing.  She said:

Developers will be able to access and build innovative applications while the SMEs can use the platform to improve their marketing capabilities.  We at 9mobile are delighted to partner Africa’s Talking in our bid to support Nigerian software developers and small businesses as they build viable and scalable businesses”


What is an API?

 Technically, API stands for Application Programming Interface.  This software development is a list of commands that one program can send to another.  The benefit of this software is to aid communication between two entities- it receives requests and sends responses.  The idea of using an API is to create a link between the manufacturer and the clients.  For instance,  when you type www.techbooky.com into your your browser,  a request goes out the website’s remote server.  Once your browser receives the response,  it interprets the code and displays the page.

The browser is the client while TechBooky’s server is an API.  The aim of this interface is for TechBooky to modify this software to suit readers’ needs. In a similar fashion,  what this means for SMEs is that every time a client visits their page or website,  they interact with some remote server’s API,  thereby enhancing communication between manufacturers and the consumers.

Mrs Sowho said in accordance to the innovation that mobile communication has in the past been of great benefit to business owners seeking  to create lasting meaningful relationships  with existing and future clients.  She said further:

It is through this, that businesses are able to offer effective customer support, real time communication solutions,  collect data as well as optimize their operations.  With this solution,  the SME will also be able to tap into the local developer community to build systems that enhance business efficiency,  leading to job creation and overall support of local talent”

The 9mobile director has clearly noted that the essence of the partnership is to provide an easy access for developers.  Therefore, individual developers will not interface directly with telco- grade products which is known to be difficult and time consuming. 

 I look forward to having testimonies by tech startups in the near future. With this programming app, life will be simpler for the SMEs and they are pretty sure to experience a bang in sales in no time.

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