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Mobile Broadband Subscriptions Will Rise By 300% With AI In Africa And The Middle East – Ericsson

Uloma Mary Omolaiye

In a news report on the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Consumer Experience, a report from Ericsson indicated that there will a 300% increase in mobile broadband subscriptions in Middle East and Africa. 

Although the issue of artificial intelligence reliance has been intense very recently, we cannot deny the fact that civilized countries who rely on AI for economic growth have entertained some good news.  Aside ensuring meticulousity in handling tasks, the use of AI has been applauded for boosting economic situations in countries like the USA, India, China and many others.

The President, Middle Africa, Ericsson, Rafia Ibrahim noted that the rise of broadband subscriptions cannot be a reality without the intervention of artificial intelligence. 

Why Artificial Intelligence?

Over the past few years, the use of artificial intelligence has become the cornerstone for enterprise and consumer use.  As an enterprise, the company stands to gain a lot while maximizing profit at the same time.  The accuracy and efficiency the technology offers has continued to gather attention from business owners and researchers.  Many businesses in the western world have placed a large focus towards perfecting AI applications for a better life. The invention of mobile phones, computers, different software applications, Automated Teller Machines, most recently, self-driving cars and pretty soon, the Ambient OS (which will serve as an API for homes) have helped to ensure a better society and a simpler life.  Technology is far gone!

With respect to this, it’s not out of place to expect that broadband subscriptions will grow by almost three times between 2016 and 2022 if AI is well harnessed. Mr.  Ibrahim said on Monday:

This clearly illustrates the potential that AI (artificial intelligence)  will have across the region with the ability to impact growth in key areas that are critical for economic progress including agriculture, healthcare, education and infrastructure development”

The President of the organization also noted that fifty successful entrepreneurs, executives and academics were interviewed on the basis of developing the AI space in the regions.  I personally do not expect less because times are changing.  AI has come to stay- it is our reality.  Every successful business today leverages on AI for sustainability. Any business which fails to switch or take advantage of this technology, risks been banished to history.  It’s a fact!

The statement from Ericsson read further:

The AI will have an enormous impact on our daily lives.  From enabling personalization to saving huge amounts of time on routine tasks,  these new tools will fundamentally shift the way we interact in our day-to-day  lives.”

Over the years, Nigeria and some other countries in Africa have placed so much reliance on crude oil and mineral resources (which are not even properly harnessed).  Agriculture has been abandoned for substantial farmers because every educated individual wants to have a large share of the city life.  There are so much for African countries to benefit from mechanized farming.  The futurist statement with regards to this said that “technology will enable farmers to develop variable rate fertilization application maps, predicting the crops and identifying problem areas”.

Artificial Intelligence experts predict that global revenue from AI products and services will experience a boost from $643.7m in 2016 to $35.5-$100b by 2025.  In North America today, over 1000 companies are developing AI applications including leading tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM. 

In view of this, Ericsson says that developing markets and brands in Africa are adapting AI to “address specific issues that are unique to regional challenges while taking advantage of the predicted mobile broadband growth in Sub-Sahara Africa”

Bottom Line:

Artificial Intelligence has become the focal point of development in terms of finance, agriculture, health care, infrastructure and many others.  In some way, every factor is intertwined and this is why Africa as a whole must accommodate the use of artificial intelligence for a better continent.

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