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Alexa Will Notify You When Your Favourite Artist Releases A New Album


Wish there was a way to be alerted the second that banging album you’ve been anticipating drops? Now Alexa can help you stay up to date with your favourite bands and musicians.

Over the weekend, Amazon Music announced the New Release Notifications feature, which lets you follow an artist and then get a notification every time they release a new song or album. The notification will appear on your Amazon Music mobile app or as a yellow light ring on your Amazon Echo device.

How it works

To follow an artist on your Echo device you can say “Alexa, follow <an artist> on Amazon Music” or saying “Alexa, let me know when <an artist> has new music” to an Alexa-enabled device within earshot. You don’t necessarily even need to know the name of the artist; when a tune’s playing via Alexa, saying “Alexa, follow this artist on Amazon Music” or “Alexa, let me know when this artist has a new album” will add the musical group to your follow list.

As soon as new music becomes available from artists you’re following, you’ll get a notification through Echo speakers associated with your account and the Amazon Music app. Ask Alexa to play that music, and you might hear a recorded message from the artist, Amazon said.

And If voice commands aren’t your style, there’s a New Release Notifications component within the Amazon Music client for iOS, Android, and web player. Selecting the “follow” button next to an artist’s name similarly adds them to the list. Also to use the feature you’ll have to enable notifications on Alexa. It’s relatively easy: Launch the Alexa companion app for Android, iOS, and Fire OS and then select Alexa Devices and a device from the list. Next, navigate to the Notifications section of the Sounds menu and ensure Notification sounds aren’t switched to “None.”

It is nothing but a facilitating tool for everyone regardless of their age, profession or any demographics. It is a package which is smartly programmed with highly useful features from scheduling meetings to listening to favourite artists. All you have to do is give a voice command. The feature will be available for user in US for now and is expected to hit globally in coming weeks.

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