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You Can Now Share Songs You Shazam Directly To Instagram Stories


What a way to start a new month! Instagram users can share now identified songs and post them to Instagram Stories.

Starting from today, thanks to a new partnership with the Facebook-owned app, now Shazam, which is the latest music feature integrated directly into Instagram Stories will let you do this.  According to a report by Billboard.  The Stories feature has quickly become one of the most popular forms of sharing and viewing updates among all social media platforms, and builds about the app’s functionality of being an image and video-centric social media platform. Allowing users to now share to Instagram Stories further enhances the sharing capabilities of the Shazam platform. What is actually shared is the track page on Shazam, which comes up either through searches, or when identified by the listening tool.

How it works

To use the new feature, after updating, head to Shazam (the app that helps you identify songs), choose the song you want to share, and hit the Share button. A new Instagram option should show up, and then Shazam will share the album art and song information to Instagram Stores.

Once the content has been shared to Instagram, it will appear on the selected account’s Story for 24-hours where it will be visible to all of that user’s followers – or the general public if the account is not set to private.

Viewers will be able to see a visual of the album art in a card format, along with the title and artist of the song and how many times it has been Shazamed. Tapping on the “More on Shazam” link will take the user directly into the Shazam app to view additional information

The feature will initially roll out for iOS, and will work provided you’ve updated to the latest version of the Shazam and Instagram apps. The feature will also be coming to Android soon, although there’s no firm timeline for this. Shazam’s sharing functionality also includes other popular apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook and LinkedIn, to name a few.

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