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Amazon Prime Day Ended With A Bang Surpassing Its Black Friday Sales


Amazon sure pulled a good one in its strategy to limit preference on its shopping site to enjoy the massive benefit from the discounts. As reported by the tech giant, the recently concluded prime day beat the sales of the previous Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping periods in 2016 combined together.

The prime day kicked off on Monday and ended the following day. It was a 30 hour shopping experience that ended with a booming sales uptick of more than 60%  compared to last year’s.  Over 100, 000 products were offered were offered at a discount on the “Christmas in July” type sales event.

The huge success of the Amazon prime day may have been attributed to the following: prime members shopped across 13 countries as against a fewer number that shopped the previous year; the shopping was open for a period of 30 hours, as against the 24 hour period of 2016.

As reported by CNBN, “Amazon said more new members joined prime on July 11 than on any single day in the company’s history”. To participate in the shopping spree, shoppers had to be Amazon prime members. Membership fee  costs $10.99 per month or $99 annually.

Although, the tech giant is yet to make a public statement on revenues generated, it affirmed that “tens of millions of prime members” patronized the sellers. Some of the items purchased include: 50,000 TP- Link Smart Plugs, 3.5 million toys, over 200,000 women’s dresses and light bulbs.  “Still  House Lake” by Rachel Cain was the most downloaded kindle book while the most streamed song on Amazon music was “Something Just Like This” by the Chain smokers and Coldplay, as reported by usatoday.com.

Amazon appears to have done a pretty good  job in attracting customers from relevant countries.

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