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Android Overtakes Windows As Most Used Operating System On The Internet


When we learned from Statcounter back in November 2016 that 51.3 percent of all web visits in the previous month  done using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets while 48.7 percent of visits came from computers and notebooks, we were left wondering though what operating system was driving that traffic. But now we know its Android but the news here is this; even though mobile surpassed desktops with respect to internet access, Microsoft’s Windows still had the lead when it came to what operating system topped the chart. That said, the same research company (Statcounter) that published their findings last year now says Android now accounts for a bigger share of internet usage than Windows.

Android internet usage milestone

By March 2017, Android web users accounted for 37.93 percent compared to 37.91 percent for Windows and no matter how small as this margin is for Android, it represents a milestone for Google’s mobile operating system.

Statcounter says it based its findings on 2.5 million websites that generated 15 billion monthly page views. That said, the research company reports that Windows still controls the PC and laptop market with an 84 percent usage share in March 2017.

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