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How Essential Is An Automobile Insurance?


My car had developed some aching issues and calling Mr. Damisa, my mechanic had become a routine without getting the desired results. Off, I drove to the popular mechanic village with the hope of getting him to seat on my case. Whether he liked it or not, he must come with an explainable reason on why the AC constantly leaked after every repair. It was a Monday morning and as usual, the traffic was terrific but finally, I found myself at the mouth of Ikeja motor clinic. I got to the tenement and while I struggled to secure a parking slot for my car, I noticed an unusual crowd at the mouth of the entrance. I managed to get an interim parking lot and after making inquiries, it was indeed a sad story. What a way to start the week! There had been a fire outbreak at midnight and every car had burnt to ashes. What transpired the unusual gathering was a 2011 Lexus CT200H and a 2010 Mazda CX-9 that were both brought in a day before for mechanical checks. There were lots of side talks. While some were seen with their arms akimbo, others were seen with their hands resting helplessly on their heads in shock and distress. At this moment, I could put one and two together and your guess may be as good as mine. While the Lexus was uninsured, the SUV had a third party insurance cover.

In this part of the world, many car owners frown at the thought of getting a comprehensive insurance cover and this is quite disturbing. Why spend so much on acquiring a car and never bother about unforeseen circumstances associated with owing one? Amidst the many unforeseen occurrences associated with driving a car, many car drivers care less about getting a comprehensive automobile insurance cover. While many will beat their chests and tell you what manner of champions they are on the steering, others will claim to be overly cautious drivers and this way, they can evade accidents whatsoever. With respect to these, getting a comprehensive insurance is merely a waste of resources.   In many cases, some car owners in Nigeria dwell on the past failure of an insurance company that failed to meet the end of their bargain when a heavy claims led to the company’s bankruptcy. For some others, they simply don’t not want to run at a loss of not getting a return of their premium should there be no claim for a year. For these reasons, many of the car owners resort to buying a third-party cover (only to fulfill all righteousness).

What happens in the case of a fire incidence, theft, flood and other mishaps beyond man’s control? These and many more are the reasons why a car owner should get a comprehensive insurance cover for that SUV or even the Kia. The truth is that no one plans to have their car snatched at gun point. Thanks to the GPS car tracking services; your car can be recovered if you have security installed in your vehicle. However, what happens in a case of flood or a fire incidence?

It is really sad that many car owners in Nigeria are ignorant of what they stand to benefit with a comprehensive insurance cover. With the increasing rate of careless drivers, a comprehensive automobile insurance gives one a peace of mind; helps one safeguard the future and counters every future risks. In some cases, depending on the company, in a case of loss (which may be from fire or theft), the insurer gets the full value of the car; no depreciation whatsoever. In the case of an accident, some comprehensive insurance covers up to #1,000, 000 in a case of death as well as bodily injuries sustained by occupants of the insured vehicle.

With the above cited benefits, many car owners in Nigeria still bluff at comprehensive insurance offers. They are more concerned about what they stand to gain should no incident occur. For them, they rather expect a mishap than grief over the loss of a yearly premium…

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